Occunomix Bandannas: Khaki 940 KHK Miracool Neck Bandanna

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Occunomix Bandannas: Khaki 940 KH Miracool Neck Bandanna

Occunomix Bandannas: Khaki 940 KHK Miracool Neck Bandanna

The neck is a very under-appreciated area of the body. It's the gateway between the body and the head, and when it's uncomfortable neither will feel very good. Cool your neck down with ~this Occunomix Khaki 940 KHK Miracool Cooling Neck Bandanna, and it'll show the rest of you a lot more appreciation.

When your neck is comfortable on a hot day, you'll feel a lot more ready to perform. Not only will you appreciate being comfortable, but your boss will love your productivity. Keep that important gateway less hot and sweaty with the miracle of Miracool fabric when you wear this 940 KHK bandanna.

Miracool evaporative crystals were used to craft this slim, thin khaki bandanna. Simply soak the Occunomix bandanna in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes, and it will keep you feeling great for days. The fabric stays cool for a few days after it gets soaked, and it won't need to be frozen to stay that way. This cooling bandanna will also be comfortable against your skin and pulse points.

It's reusable. Once the fabric of this Miracool bandanna is ready to be washed, just clean it up and soak it again to unlock that cool comfort. That might be this khaki bandanna's best feature...being reusable.

Your neck is a gateway to a hot, sweaty day...or a cool and comfortable one instead. The key is this Occunomix Khaki 940 KHK Miracool Cooling Neck Bandanna. Wear it, and find out what a difference a cool neck can make in your day. You will please yourself and your boss by doing so!

Manufactured Sizes: One Size

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