Occunomix Caps: Men's TD200 HVY High Viz Yellow Cooling Cap

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Occunomix Caps: Men's High Viz Yellow Cooling Cap TD200 HVY

Occunomix Caps: Men's TD200 HVY High Viz Yellow Cooling Cap

Nobody's really fond of sunburns, and you certainly don't like the unending, relentless heat warmer working conditions. This ~Occunomix Men's TD200-HVY High Visibility Yellow Cooling Cap can provide your skin with a much-needed reprieve from the sun's harmful and hot rays. Plus, it's crafted with Coolcore technology, which keeps you cool and sweat-free throughout the entire wear.

This high-visibility yellow cap is meant to keep you comfortable and safe, which it does by reducing the effects of heat stress. For starters, it features Coolcore technology built into the fabric. In fact, it's the fabric that's responsible for bringing you immense relief from the heat. The 100% polyester Coolcore technology is broken down into three effective steps: wicking, moisture transportation, and fibers. The wicking system moves sweat away from your body. The moisture transportation system avoids saturation and accelerates the drying process. Finally, the unique fibers regulate evaporation to prolong the cooling effect. So, this cooling cap can definitely bring down the heat, but it can keep you safe in another way. It's a bright yellow and is considered high-visibility. If you work in construction and are often faced with oncoming cars that can't see you even in the bright of day, the yellow color will certainly draw their attention to your presence, keeping you safe from potentially being run over. Win-win for all parties involved.

Furthermore, this men's cap by Occunomix covers the entirety of your scalp to ensure full coverage from the sun's harmful rays and to provide you will an effective cooling garment. This product features a tie-back to provide a secure fit to your head, which also makes sure you'll have the coverage you need. It's made in one size, and that size fits most people. Better yet, the yellow cooling cap is reusable because it can be machine washed. It also comes packaged in an adjustable drawstring mesh bag, which makes it convenient to carry around when you're not wearing it. As previously mentioned, this men's cap is made entirely from polyester, which gives it a comfortable, soft hand, lightweight feel.

Don't let your body and mind be overwhelmed - overcome the intense heat and sun’s damaging rays by wearing the proper work gear. Avoid the possibility of painful sunburns and fatigue from heat exhaustion. This Occunomix Men's TD200-HVY High Visibility Yellow Cooling Cap can not only relieve you when it gets hot, but it can undeniably keep you safer. To work more efficiently and more comfortably every day, get this men’s cooling cap here at Working Person’s Store today.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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