Occunomix Caps: Navy Blue TD200 018 Cooling Cap

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Occunomix Caps: Navy Cooling TD200 018 Cap

Occunomix Caps: Navy Blue TD200 018 Cooling Cap

This ~Occunomix Caps Navy Blue TD200 018 Cooling Cap is made to keep you cool when things get hot. When you're working outside and the sun is relentlessly beating down on you with harmful and hot rays, or when you're inside in wickedly warm working conditions, you need quick relief and protection. This super convenient cooling cap covers your head to shield you from the heat and the sun’s cancer-causing light, but it also comes with built-in Coolcore technology that will wick away sweat and reduce the heat you feel throughout the entirety of the wear.

This navy blue cap made by Occunomix is designed to be worn on your head, and it covers your entire scalp. It can be tied in a knot around the back of your head to ensure a secure fit for increased functionality and enhanced protection. It's navy blue and machine washable. Plus, it comes with an adjustable drawstring bag that can be used to carry around the Occunomix cap when it's not being worn. Lastly, it's made in one size, which fits most, and it's (thankfully) also antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

But you're here to find out how this navy blue wicking cap can keep your head cool and sweat-free. This is designed to reduce the effects of heat stress so you can work more comfortably, efficiently, and best of all, safely. It's made from comfortable, soft hand, lightweight polyester. What's special about this Occunomix cooling cap is that the technology is within the fabric. As long as you wear it, its effects will be present. They won't degrade over time. So, what's Coolcore technology? It's a tri-system technology composed of a wicking system, a moisture transport system, and a specially-designed fiber system. The wicking system moves sweat away from your body. The moisture transport system works by avoiding saturation to accelerate the drying process. Lastly, the specially-designed fibers are successful at regulating evaporation to prolong the work cap's cooling effect. The Coolcore tri-system technology excels at providing you with sweat-free, cool comfort wear after wear.

When it comes to protection and relief from the heat, look no further than this Occunomix Navy Blue Sweat-Wicking TD200 018 Cooling Cap. It's designed to provide your scalp with a layer of defense from the sun’s harmful rays and is made to bring you reprieve from warm working conditions (which can easily cause heat exhaustion and fatigue). Best of all, it wicks sweat away to keep your head fresh and dry. Give this cooling cap a try and see how great it will make you feel. Order it here at Working Person’s Store today!

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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