Occunomix Hats: LUX EWRB Grey Reflective Ear Warming Beanie

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Occunomix Hats: LUX EWRB Ear Warming Reflective Grey Beanie

Occunomix Hats: LUX EWRB Grey Reflective Ear Warming Beanie

Working in the great outdoors can sometimes be...not so great. We get it. The combination of chilly temperatures with the requirements put upon you by job sites equals a lot of hassle when it comes to choosing workwear. It also sometimes equals a lot of discomfort - because garments that meet job site regulations aren’t always ideally designed to feel all that great. Now you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety, or vice versa. You can simplify the whole workwear thing - at least, when it comes to headwear - with the ~Occunomix Hats LUX EWRB Grey Reflective Ear Warming Beanie.

This is one of those situations where the simplest of concepts leads to the best of results. This beanie-style hat is designed for use on job sites where reflective material is required. It’s grey in color, but it has a 1-inch wide band of reflective thread cleverly worked in that runs all the way around the head at forehead level. This satisfies many visibility requirements for work in dimly-lit or outdoor conditions, and yet the Occunomix hat still manages to be totally comfortable, wearable, and, best of all, warm. The material is a brushed fleece that’s super soft to the touch and non-irritating to the skin. It’s engineered to be anti-pilling, so it stays looking and feeling great even after multiple washings and wearings.

The overall shape of this grey reflective hat is clever, too. It fits closely to your head so that you can still wear safety goggles, hoods, or other hats over it if needed. On both sides, a shaped portion of the grey beanie dips down to fully cover your ears and keep them protected from wind and temperature dips alike. Just like the cold weather hats you used to wear when you were a kid...but no strings that tie under the chin this time. The front of the ear warming beanie offers extra forehead coverage, too, so your brow isn’t exposed to the cold and so that the Occunomix accessory stays nicely in place. (And without those strings!)

It doesn’t get much simpler than this, really. A reflective hat that’s safe for use on job sites, keeps you warm where it matters most, and feels great. It looks pretty good, too. You’d think that if it was this simple, every outdoor hat would be doing it. Clearly the Occunomix LUX EWRB Grey Reflective Ear Warming Beanie from Working Person's Store isn’t just any hat.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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