Occunomix Hats: LUX MBRB Green High Viz Multi-Banded Reflective Beanie

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Occunomix Hats: LUX MBRB Multi-Banded Reflective High Viz Green Beanie

Occunomix Hats: LUX MBRB Green High Viz Multi-Banded Reflective Beanie

You probably have many cold weather hats that are made with ordinary thread - and you probably haven't thought twice about what they're made out of - until now. Whenever you put on this ~Occunomix LUX MBRB Green High Viz Multi-Banded Reflective Beanie, you'll have multiple bands of reflective thread wrapped all the way around your head. This isn't just for looks, although the bright green with stripes does come across as rather appealing. These special bands constructed from reflective threads provide a high level of protection for you. Paired with the high visibility green, the bands on the Occunomix beanie are in place to help you stay visible in low lighting.

The entirety of the design is a comfortable rib knit construction, and it's also in a double layer design to keep your noggin warm. That's why you wear a winter beanie in the first, after all. The many bands of reflective threads appear on the brushed, anti-pilling fleece, and this provides you with an impressive 360-degrees of ear and forehead coverage. Occunomix made sure you have warmth and safety when you're wearing this multi-band reflective beanie. You can take it with you to the construction site, into the woods for a day of chopping firewood, or anytime you're venturing into the cool outdoors. Toss an extra one in the glove compartment of your vehicle as well. You can never be too prepared! This design is extremely versatile, and it's extremely high-visibility green to make sure others can spot you from a distance.

It's time to start thinking about what your headwear is really made out get the best results, you need high quality materials. The anti-pilling fleece in a double layer design makes sure you keep your ears and forehead warm. People often tell their kids to wear a stocking cap outside, and the same is true for adults, too. Keeping yourself protected doesn't have to be stressful or involve uncomfortable workwear. And why just settle on a boring, neutral color? The bright green of this hat helps you stand out - in a good way. Let the comfort of this Occunomix LUX MBRB High Viz Multi-Banded Reflective Green Beanie from Working Person's Store give you a good reason to set foot outdoors with confidence, knowing you've opted for safety and style at the same time.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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Outdoor Weather
Cold, Cool
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