Occunomix Headwear: Men's TD300 HVY High Viz Yellow Cooling Bandana

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Occunomix Headwear: High Viz Yellow TD300 HVY Men's Cooling Bandana

Occunomix Headwear: Men's TD300 HVY High Viz Yellow Cooling Bandana

This ~Occunomix Men’s TD300 HVY High Viz Yellow Cooling Bandana is your long-lasting, heat-fighting, chemical-free solution to at least one annoying problem in your day. When the heat sets in for the summer, it can really complicate things on the job site. When you’re working, you certainly don’t need things making your job any more difficult. While we can’t help with your annoying supervisor or the greenhorn that’s getting in your way, we can help battle the obnoxious heat. Occunomix is dedicated to creating products for hard-working people like you that keep you safe and a little happier while you work. They’ve been around long enough for us to know they churn out some great products that we’re proud to share with you. Check out this men's cooling bandana for a chill way to work.

From the Tuff & Dry Wicking and Cooling Series of products, this high viz yellow bandana can be up to 30% cooler than your skin temperature when it's wet. That 30% feels really good on a hot, dry day! Chemical-free Cool Core Technology uses unique hollowed fibers in the fabric to promote sweat evaporation and utilize natural airflow to keep your body cooler for up to two hours. You simply wet the hi vis towel and snap it several times to activate the technology. This patented design was tested by the Hohenstein Institution for cooling power to prove its superiority over competitors. The honeycomb fabric is cooler and more effective than the typical microfiber fabric used in other cooling products.

Not bad for a completely chemical-free product, huh? The fact that there are no chemicals used in the cooling process means this men's bandana will continue to work far longer than competitors’ products. This easy to use cooling towel is 22.5 inches x 22.5 inches and can be worn multiple ways on your head or neck, which makes it versatile as well. It's packaged in an adjustable drawstring mesh bag, making it easy to travel along with you and easy to store at the end of the day.

When the heat is on, Occunomix has your back (and neck, and head). Cool it all with little effort and long-lasting temperature control with this Occunomix Men’s TD300 HVY High Viz Yellow Cooling Bandana.

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