Occunomix Headwear: Men's Wicking & Cooling TD300 018 Navy Blue Bandana

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Occunomix: Wicking & Cooling Men's Navy Blue Bandana TD300 018

Occunomix Headwear: Men's Wicking & Cooling TD300 018 Navy Blue Bandana

It's cool, blue, and reusable. When you require protection from the sun's heat and harmful rays on hard-to-cover areas of your body like your neck and head, you need this ~Occunomix Men's Wicking & Cooling TD300 018 Navy Blue Bandana. It's built with Coolcore system technology in the rugged design to keep your skin dry of sweat and cool when it becomes uncomfortably warm. Plus, the coverage from the sun will guard your skin, which provides a level of protection against the possibility of blisters and sun poisoning in the short-term and life-threatening health issues like skin cancer in the long-term. The UPF 50+ sun protection will take care of you. Trust us, you’ll want to cover up with cool, moisture-wicking protection, and this men’s bandana does the trick.

This men's cooling bandana is 22.5 inches by 22.5 inches, making it a perfect square to be tied and arranged in any way that you like. Essentially, you have three-in-one versatility with the Occunomix bandana: you can wear it tied on your head, on your forehead, or even around your neck. It's navy blue and is made in only one size, which fits most people. To make your life easier, the men's bandana is given to you with an environmentally-friendly mesh drawstring bag. You can use the bag to wash the cooling bandana (which is also machine washable), or for carrying the blue bandana when you're not wearing it. Since it's washable, you can use it again and again. It's also worth mentioning that this cooling moisture-wicking bandana is antimicrobial and hypoallergenic.

What's most important about this wicking and cooling bandana is that it can keep your neck from overheating and becoming saturated with sweat. It's designed with Coolcore fabric technology. The 100% polyester fabric is specially designed with a wicking system, moisture transportation system, and unique fiber system. The wicking system moves sweat away from your body, while the moisture transportation system avoids saturation and accelerates the drying process. Finally, the unique fiber system works by regulating evaporation to prolong the cooling effect. Best of all, the technology is woven into the men's navy bandana. The technology is the design of the fabric, so the Coolcore technology is long-lasting.

When you’re looking to avoid a burn from the sun, you’ll cover your vulnerable flesh with anything. But not just anything will suit you. It needs to have properties that wick away moisture and keep your skin cool, which this Occunomix Men's Wicking and Cooling TD300 018 Navy Blue Bandana. Get it here at Working Person’s Store today. When you do, you’ll discover relief from the intense heat and the pain of fresh sunburnt skin, which means you get to work more comfortably and more efficiently. There’s nothing better than that, is there?

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