Occunomix Wraps: Pink 930 PK Miracool Cooling Neck Wrap

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Occunomix: 930 PK Pink Miracool Cooling Neck Wrap

Occunomix Wraps: Pink 930 PK Miracool Cooling Neck Wrap

What’s pink and cool all over? A pink iceberg? Maybe. Lady Gaga? But we were thinking of an ~Occunomix Pink 930 PK Miracool Cooling Neck Wrap!

The Miracool neck wrap helps to reduce the cause of heat stress, a hazard for anyone working in high temperatures. Heat stress can cause heat stroke, exhaustion, heat rash, and even cramps. Heat stress isn’t just a concern for those who work outdoors. It can affect those working in warm indoor environments such as factories, bakeries, kitchens, refineries, and boiler rooms.

What makes this pink neck wrap so great is that it’s made with lightweight, super-absorbent material. This fabric holds waters in without weighing you down. When you put this cooling neck wrap on, you’ll feel the cooling power immediately. The multi-functional design allows you to wear the wrap around your neck or use it to wipe down your face and arms.

Reusable and easy to recharge, simply place this Occunomix neck wrap in its own slide lock bag and pour a bottle of water on it to make it ready to use again. The pink coloring is fashionable and chic, so you get the great cooling effect and are able to wear something with a touch of style. It is machine washable, so you can keep it looking new and smelling fresh.

The color pink doesn’t usually make you think cool and refreshing. But it sure will with an Occunomix Pink 930 PK Miracool Cooling Neck Wrap!

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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