Occunomix Hats: SS260 Black Moisture-Wicking Hinged Balaclava

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Occunomix Hats: SS260 Moisture Wicking Black Hinged Balaclava

Occunomix Hats: SS260 Black Moisture-Wicking Hinged Balaclava

Inspired by the face mask used to battle the wicked cold, the balaclava (Bah-le-cla-va) is a versatile winter essential for any outdoor enthusiast or those who work outside in the winter. Occunomix is a company that specializes in functional work gear for hard-working people like you, and they've brought you version 2.0, an upgrade on the traditional face cover: the ~Occunomix SS260 Black Moisture-Wicking Hinged Balaclava. The hinged, two-piece cover offers even easy options for how you wear it, without discomfort or tight material distracting you. The flexible knit and added warmth of this face and head cover will make your winter sport or winter work much more enjoyable by protecting your face and neck from the cold air.

Wear it over your face or pull the face cover down below your chin for only head and neck cover. Or, thanks to the hinged design, you can use this black balaclava as a neck warmer only. Thin enough to wear under your favorite winter hat, hard hat, snowmobile helmet, or any other headgear, this Occunomix balaclava has so many uses, you'll never want to leave home without it. The 260 grams of poly/Spandex knit offers a flexible, next-to-skin fit that will not add bulk under your head gear while it's trapping your body heat and blocking the wind and cold from burning your skin. The performance fabric manages your sweat and moisture to keep you comfortable even on the longest of days in the outdoors. Moisture control is a key element to staying warm in the cold weather, the moisture-wicking abilities of this performance material will pull vapors away from your skin to keep you drier and warmer all day long.

With OCX reflective accents, there's a touch of safety added to this moisture-wicking balaclava face and head cover. The poly/Spandex binding is flexible and soft, and it keeps the edges of your face mask protected for long-lasting use season after season. With so many possible uses, this high quality performance head cover is the perfect choice for all of your winter needs. Protect your head, neck, ears, and face with one simple high performance balaclava for plenty of options for protection in various weather conditions. When it comes to your workwear and activewear needs, Occunomix has you covered (literally). This Occunomix SS260 Black Moisture-Wicking Hinged Balaclava is a versatile and valuable investment for all cold weather activities in one easy to care for head covering, so order yours today from Working Person's Store. It's an essential piece to add to your winter wardrobe.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

Detailed Product Specifications

Outdoor Weather
Polyester, Spandex
Moisture Wicking
Cold Weather