Occunomix Towels: TD400 HVY High Viz Yellow Cooling Towel

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Occunomix Towels: High Viz Yellow TD400 HVY Cooling Towel

Occunomix Towels: TD400 HVY High Viz Yellow Cooling Towel

We all need a little time in our day to just chill out. When the mercury is rising and you're working outside, “chill” seems like the last thing you can possibly do. But now, thanks to Occunomix’s line of cooling towels, bandanas, and headgear, you can. This is the ~Occunomix TD 400 HBY High Viz Yellow Cooling Towel. Long and narrow, it wraps easily around your neck and shoulders to keep you cool throughout the day. You simply soak it, snap it, and go on your way - no chemicals, no hassle. It offers two full hours of cooling sensation when you need it most. When you're ready to refresh the cooling power, simply dunk it in water again. Occunomix is committed to bringing high-quality products to hard-working people like you, and this high visibility towel is just one of many great things they have to offer.

Measuring 36 inches long and 8 inches wide, this cooling neckband is made specifically for a no-scarf effect. You can wear it on your neck, use it to wipe down, or come up with other versatile uses for it. The Coolcore Technology of the hollow fibers in the fabric of this chill Occunomix towel allows for hot sweat evaporation and cool airflow to keep your skin 30% cooler. Tested and proven to outperform the competition, this honeycomb yellow towel outperforms microfiber by 23%, making it the best towel on the block. From the Tuff & Dry Wicking and Cooling product line from Occunomix, there's plenty of technology built into this chill product. It will be the best cooling towel you've ever owned, and the chemical-free design also makes it the safest. This also offers UPF 50+ sun protection to guard you even more.

So keep your cool when the heat is on with a skin chilling Occunomix Wicking & Cooling TD400 HVY Yellow Towel, made by a company dedicated to producing hard-working products for hard-working people.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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