Occunomix Towels: Wicking & Cooling TD400 018 Navy Blue Towel

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Occunomix Towels: Unisex Wicking & Cooling Navy TD400 018 Towel

Occunomix Towels: Wicking & Cooling TD400 018 Navy Blue Towel

This just might be the ultimate rally towel. While it might not be your favorite team’s colors and you're probably not at your favorite game, this ~Occunomix Wicking & Cooling TD400 018 Navy Blue Towel will help you rally your energy to get through the day, beat the heat, and get the job done. This long and narrow wicking towel is activated with a simple soak and snap in any kind of water you have handy. (Hey, it even works with your sweat!) This cooling towel is the perfect chemical-free solution when the heat is draining your mojo each day. With plenty of coverage for your shoulders and neck (or even other versatile uses if you’re creative enough), you have just what you need to rally back and beat the heat.

From the Tuff & Dry Wicking and Cooling product line, this patented design is made for long-lasting cooling power that's activated by moisture. Simply soak it, snap it a few times, and get on with your day. The best part of the design is that the whole thing is chemical-free, so you don’t have to worry about what might be soaking into your skin while you enjoy a little relief from the heat. The hollow fibers in the fabric soak up the moisture from your sweat and evaporate it quickly while making the most of the air flow around you to create the cooling sensation. The best part is that this durable Occunomix cooling towel is reusable.

All you need to keep your new cooling navy blue towel working is a little moisture. Dunk it in a cooler, soak it in the sink, hey, even the moisture from your own perspiration will get sweat-wicking towel working. (The last option reminds us of backwash for some reason, so go for the first two choices instead.) Soak it, snap it, and go - it’s that easy. You can enjoy up to two hours of skin cooling comfort while you work or play. Tested and proven by the Hohenstein Institute, this Occunomix product keeps your skin 30% cooler, even when it's soaked in hot water, and it performs 23% better than microfiber alternatives. So skip the expensive alternatives and enjoy the cooling comfort of this Occunomix Wicking & Cooling TD400 018 Navy Blue Towel, from a company dedicated to keeping you comfortable and safe on the job.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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