Puma Safety 644215 Men's Fuse ESD Safety Toe Tennis Shoes

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This Product Has Been Discontinued By The Manufacturer. We Recommend This Replacement:

Puma Safety: Men's 644625 Blue Airtwist Low EH Composite Fiberglass Toe Athletic Work Shoe

Puma Safety: Men's 644625 Blue Airtwist Low EH Composite Fiberglass Toe Athletic Work Shoe

Puma Safety 644215 Non-Metallic Fiberglass Toe ESD Fuse TC Men's Black/Green Athletic Work Shoes

Puma Safety 644215 Men's Fuse ESD Safety Toe Tennis Shoes

Finally, some safety compliant work shoes that also bring comfort and style to your shift: Puma has expanded their expertise from comfortable athletic shoes into the work footwear industry, adding the necessary safety and durability features to make these men’s low cut work shoes your new favorites. With all of the comfort and quality, you would expect from this brand, these ~Puma Safety 644215 men's Fuse TC ESD non-metallic tennis shoes will have you forgetting these are work shoes and not your favorite leisure pair. With static-dissipating technology and non-metallic safety toes built right into the design, these Puma shoes are perfect for your work day, keeping you safe and compliant while still in style.

Who doesn’t love the sleek black and green design of the uppers on these Fuse athletic shoes? The FUSE.TEC uppers are made from durable microfiber and highly breathable Sandwich-Mesh. This means you can enjoy all the air flow your feet need to stay comfortable all day without sacrificing the durability of your men's shoes. Because, let’s face it when you collect your paycheck the last thing you want to do is spend some of it on work shoes - again. So make sure you get high quality when it’s time to replace your old work footwear, and Puma knows a thing or two about high quality.

Do you know what else Puma knows a lot about? Comfort. And it's built right into these men’s athletic ESD shoes. Beginning with the removable Evercushion BA sock liners, you'll enjoy support from the bottom up when you slip on these safety toe non-metallic shoes. They're removable so you can replace them when the miles are beginning to take their toll for a whole new breath of life in your favorite work shoes, but they're also removable so those with specific orthotic needs can replace these high-quality insoles with ones better suited to your individual needs. (Check out our wide selection of insoles before you check out!) The double-density soles also support your foot comfort with the flexible, shock-absorbing layer designed to reduce your foot stress and increase your stamina as you work.

These dual-density outsoles serve a dual purpose. The cushioned, polyurethane foam inner layer supports your feet as we just described, while the stronger, slip- and oil-resistant naturalFLEXMOTION with iCELL technology outer layer keeps you on your feet with all of the grip you need. These flexible outsoles feel just like athletic footwear with only the added benefit of more durability for your work day. The lightweight fiberglass safety toe caps built into the fiberglass safety toe shoes protect your toes from impact and compression hazards. These non-metallic toe caps will not set off security detectors and help with the overall static-dissipative nature of these men's green and black shoes. This ESD footwear has been tested below 35 mOhm.

These metal-free safety toe shoes have all of the strength you need in durable work footwear while still offering you style and comfort along the way. So breathable, lightweight, and flexible, you will forget that these are work shoes. So enjoy some comfort and style in your day with the Puma 644215 Fuse TC ESD non-metallic tennis shoes from Working Person's Store for high-quality work footwear that lasts.

Manufactured Sizes: M: 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Material
Tread Pattern
Hooks / Eyelets
Man Made
Slip Resistant
Not Waterproof
Electro Static Dissipative (ESD)
Oil Resistant
Removable Footbed

Additional Product Features

  • Slip Resistant
  • Electro Static Dissipative (ESD)
  • Oil Resistant
  • Removable Footbed
  • Non-Metallic