Radians Glasses: DG1 13 Dagger Iquity Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

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Radians Glasses: DG1 13 Anti-Fog Iquity Dagger Safety Glasses

Radians Glasses: DG1 13 Dagger Iquity Anti-Fog Safety Glasses

If your line of work requires that you keep your eyes covered and concealed for safety purposes, keep reading. These ~Radians DG1 13 Dagger Iquity Anti-Fog Safety Glasses are what you want in your safety equipment assortment. They feature a protective, strong lens and an environmentally-friendly, long-lasting coating that's anti-scratch and anti-fog. Plus, they’re comfortable and easy to wear.

These Radians safety glasses are capable of keeping your eyes safe while at the same time not restricting your sight. They're created with a protective polycarbonate lens that offers impact resistance. The durable lens is treated with IQuity Intelligent semi-permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch hydrophilic coating, which lasts much longer than hydrophobic coatings, making it one of the most superior and longest-lasting anti-fog coatings you can find. Because of the protective lens and coating, these Dagger Iquity anti-fog glasses are EN188K and N compliant.

If you're concerned with what you're putting into in this world, know that these safety glasses are made non-toxic, non-flammable, and environmentally friendly. They're unlike other work glasses treated with highly toxic solvent-based coatings because they're designed with a water-based coating. Not only is it safer, but it lasts much longer.

In addition to being environmentally friendly and capable of keeping your eyes safe, these anti-fog glasses are water washable up to 20 times more than hydrophobic anti-fog glasses, making them a wise investment with more utilitarian value.

Lastly, these this safety eyewear is comfortable in their use and application. There's an elastic head strap that provides an adjustable fit. They also have a clip attachment and snap-in temples that allow you to change from ratcheting to telescoping temples on the adjustable head strap. Finally, the scratch-resistant glasses are lined with foam. The foam is comfortable and creates an excellent seal to your face.

It's unlikely that you'll come across a pair of safety glasses that are as well-made as these Radians DG1 13 Dagger Iquity Anti-Fog Safety Glasses. They protect your eyes, but they can do more than that. The anti-scratch, anti-fog coating on the strong lens is environmentally-friendly and durable. Better yet, the Radians eyewear is easy and comfortable - and it's available right here at Working Person's Store.

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CE EN166
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Anti-Fog, Scratch Resistant