Radians Headbands: RCS110 High Visibility Lime Green Arctic Radwear Cooling Headband

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Radians Headbands: RCS110 Radwear Arctic High Visibility Lime Cooling Headband

Radians Headbands: RCS110 High Visibility Lime Green Arctic Radwear Cooling Headband

Have you ever participated in a 5K run, and then right in the middle of the race, wished you hadn't? While we don't have a solution for your lack of conditioning (We're actually sitting down while typing this, so we really have no room to judge you!), we do have a great suggestion for a way to stay cool during the not-so-fun run you're dreading. Check out this ~Radians RCS110 High Visibility Lime Green Arctic Radwear Cooling Headband - it's designed to keep you cool during any hot outdoor activity - construction work, flag football, planting and weeding your garden, and hey, even that 5k run we mentioned! (We're not going to let you forget you signed up for that.)

It's time to combat heat stress and fatigue with an intense cooling experience! Simply soak the Radians headband in cool water for just 2-3 minutes, and you'll have up to 5 hours of that much-needed cooling relief (depending on current humidity levels). Hopefully you won't need 5 hours to run a 5k, but hey, everyone's personal best and recovery times differ as well. How does such a thing work? Can this really be possible? The high visibility headband uses an advanced ARCTIC technology that helps accelerate the evaporative cooling process. You feel better when you sweat than when you're working out and don't sweat, right? Perspiring is your body's way of attempting to cool itself down, so this special technology just speeds up that process.

Radians' patent pending stretch-fit spandex designs lets the lime green band to move right along with your body - not against it. This allows for an optimum amount of blood circulation, which also keeps you cooler. This also gives you a noticeable more comfortable fit compared to other standard headbands. In a one-size-fits-all design, this is a great form of heat stress safety management. Anti-microbial treatment in the Radwear headband helps prevent nasty mold build-up, as well as unwanted smells. You sweat, we sweat, everybody sweats...but that doesn't mean you have to smell like a dirty dish towel. In case you take a really long time running those 3.1 miles (approximately), the lime green is a high visibility color to help you stay seen, even in low lighting.

Those 5ks aren't going to run themselves! So hop to it, and make sure to order this Radians RCS110 Lime Green Arctic Radwear Cooling High Visibility Headband today - right here at Working Person's Store! It's designed to keep you cool during hot outdoor activities, and you can reuse it for all of the marathons you're really just working up toward...go get 'em!

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