Radians Headwear: RCS305 Blue Arctic Radwear Cooling Head Shade

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Radians Headwear: RCS305 Cooling Radwear Artic Blue Head Shade

Radians Headwear: RCS305 Blue Arctic Radwear Cooling Head Shade

Do you ever wish you could walk around with a fan on your head when you’re outside in the heat? That would feel cool, but not look nearly as cool as this ~Radians RC305 Blue Arctic Radwear Cooling Head Shade. This can provide up to five hours of cooling comfort on your head!

The special design is a stretch-fit, one-size-fits-all head shade allowing for maximum blood circulation and comfort most wraps don’t provide. This safe and reusable Advanced Arctic technology is water-activated cooling for up to five hours. You simply soak the blue cooling shade in water for 2-3 minutes, then wave it in the air for 10-15 seconds. After the excess water is removed, and the material is activated, wear it around your head for a cooling sensation. Depending on the humidity in the air, you may need to reactivate your Radwear towel by soaking it again after a few hours.

Reusable and safe, this Radians towel is perfect for your outdoor job site, yard work, workout, canyon hike, or any other hot weather activity. Hand washable and anti-microbial, you can count on this headwear to last for many uses. Heads sweat in hot conditions, whether your have a cooling towel on or not, but the technology in this water-cooled gear accelerates the evaporative process to help manage the moisture produced by your head. Also the anti-microbial fabric will help prevent mold build-up and that unavoidable sweaty smell.

Manage heat stress safely with this cooling accessory season after season. Rechargeable throughout your day with only water needed, this blue head wrap could be the difference between fun in the sun or beat by the heat. Available here in a smooth blue color, help your body manage the heat and feel more comfortable by ordering this Radians RC305 Blue Radwear Cooling Arctic Head Shade.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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