Radians Headwear: RCS52 Pink Arctic Radwear Cooling Wrap

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Radians Headwear: RCS52 Radwear Arctic Pink Cooling Wrap

Radians Headwear: RCS52 Pink Arctic Radwear Cooling Wrap

Ice packs only get you so far. Ice cubes melt in your drink, and even a cold bottle of water warms up quickly when its faced with hot weather conditions. To receive the ultimate coolness, make sure you're wearing this ~Radians RCS52 Pink Arctic Radwear Cooling Wrap. For hot outdoor activities, like road and building construction or chasing the neighbor kid off of your lawn again, this cooling wrap can provide the relief you need.

All you have to do is soak this pink wrap in cool water for approximately 2-3 minutes, and then you can experience the cooling comfort for up to 5 hours, depending on current humidity levels. Measuring in at 26 inches by 8.25 inches, this sleek Radwear wrap is the perfect way for you to deal with heat stress. Getting too hot can be dangerous - you can get dehydrated, overheat, and just feel downright lousy if you push yourself too much. As a great form of safety management, it's good to always have at least one of these Radians wraps on hand at all times.

Made with a special, advanced ARCTIC technology, the evaporative cooling process is sped up by this Arctic wrap. You wear it around your neck, and you can secure it to find the perfect fit by pulling some of the material through the included slot opening. Anti-microbial treatment on the durable material helps prevent the build-up of mold. It also tackles any unwanted smells, too, so you won't scare your friends away. A reusable packaging design allows you to use this again and again - the Radians headwear is safe and job site proven, so you'll definitely want to!

Don't fully rely on those melting ice cubes, and go for something way more dependable. Order a Radians RCS52 Pink Arctic Radwear Cooling Wrap today from Working Person's Store, and those hot summer days will be a lot more relaxing for you!

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