Radians Safety Glasses: Apocalypse Safety Glasses API-20

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Apocalypse Radians Safety Glasses

Radians Safety Glasses: Apocalypse Safety Glasses API-20

The rose-colored sunset. A great master painting, like the Mona Lisa. The faces of those you love. Without your eyesight, you could never enjoy any of these things the same way again. That's why you need products like ~Radians API-20 Apocalypse Safety Glasses - because you aren't just protecting your eyes, you're protecting all those sights you want to see.

Black frames and smoke lenses combine to give you a cool, shady sunglasses look that will actually have you looking hip on the job site - and how many pairs of safety glasses can say that? The sleek, sporty design is lightweight and less bulky that most pairs of safety lenses, because other people are going to be looking at you, too.

Soft, squishy rubber temples help relieve pressure so your safety glasses won't pinch and pull at your face. You have to wear them all day long, so they need to feel great. The matching black neck cord keeps them handy, because safety should always be close at hand.

As far as safety goes, these Radians API-20 Apocalypse Safety Glasses give you 99.9% UV protection and meet ANSI Z87.1+ standards. You only have one pair of eyes, and there are so many wonderful things out there to see. Protect them all with the right eye safety.

Detailed Product Specifications

Impact Standard
ANSI Z87.1+
Frame Features
Neck Cord, Wrap Around
Lense Use
Indoor, Safety
Lense Features