Radians Towels: RCS10 Blue Arctic Radwear Cooling Towel

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Radians Towels: RCS10 Radwear Arctic Blue Cooling Towel

Radians Towels: RCS10 Blue Arctic Radwear Cooling Towel

The color blue can symbolize the sky and oceans, which both seem to bring us some sense of peace. Let the blue color of this ~Radians RCS10 Blue Arctic Radwear Cooling Towel keep you comfortable and cool in the hot outdoors - and even after intense indoor workouts.

This Radians towel is designed to give you a proper cool down when your body's sweating it up after spending time under the summer sun. The Radwear towel is made with advanced ARCTIC technology that accelerates the evaporative cooling process, so you won't have to wait long to feel more comfortable. All you have to do is simply soak the Arctic towel in cool water for a few minutes, and then sit back and enjoy the cooling relief for up to 5 hours (depending on humidity levels). That's an experience you won't want to miss!

Hot outdoor activities, like construction work or a rigorous pick-up basketball game with your neighbors (just half court, not full're not that crazy) can really wear you out. Strenuous outdoor and indoor activities can leave you feeling sweaty, so this blue towel features an anti-microbial treatment to help prevent any mold build-up, as well as unwanted smells. It's the perfect heat stress safety management that's safe, reusable, and job site proven, too. A reusable packaging design makes things easier for you, and the Radians accessory measures in at 26 inches by 17 inches to provide you with plenty of cooling coverage.

Too bad you couldn't have had something like this during your childhood days of playing soccer or bicycling down the streets with your buddies, but now you can enjoy it - and even help your kids cool off if needed. Order this Radians RCS10 Blue Arctic Radwear Cooling Towel from Working Person's Store, where we strive to keep you comfortable and ready to work!

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