Revco Gloves: FlakFinger Adjustable Heat Shield AT2010 WG

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Black Stallion Gloves: AT2010 WGFlakFinger Adjustable Heat Shield

Revco Gloves: FlakFinger Adjustable Heat Shield AT2010 WG

You’re a welder, and you take all of the precautionary steps to make sure your skin stays unburnt while you work. You wear tightly-woven, work-weight gloves to protect your hands during a weld, and you also wear welding gauntlets to provide defense against the heat to your forearms. But maybe you’ve had a close call or two, and you want to play it extra safe during a weld. If you want more cover from the heat for your arm and hand, take a look at this ~Revco Gloves FlakFinger Adjustable Heat Shield AT2010 WG.

Revco's FlakFinger shield is meant to be worn over your current welding gear to provide for extra heat resistance while you’re hard at work. They defend your skin from the heat because they're made with durable fiberglass. When wearing the FlakFinger heat shield, you’ll notice it fits from your fingers through the length of your palm and wrist for protection that extends past just your fingers. The fabric of the extended portion, referred to as the tail, that covers your wrist and hand is reinforced for even further heat and burn prevention.

But how is the FlakFinger heat shield effective at staying in place while your hand and wrist are handling a welding project? The answer is simple. First, the adjustable shield is one size fits most. Secondly, it has an adjustable strap that affixes to your wrist and hand. Third, it has a sleeve for one or two of your fingers to rest inside. The Revco heat shield’s sleeve and strap system keeps it secure on your welding appendage.

Maybe you’re wondering how you're going to easily maneuver your fingers, hand, and wrist with the FlakFinger heat shield so securely attached? Fortunately, the shield strap is adjustable, so you can adjust it however you'd like at any point in time. Also, you have a choice to fit one or two fingers in the sleeve, which allows you to have more ease of movement. The design of the heat shield is the most important factor in mobility; it was created with welders in mind, so the design is versatile and open, allowing your hand and fingers to be protected while still enabling them to get the job done well.

If you’re a welder and you want that extra bit of protection, you can’t go wrong with this Revco Gloves FlakFinger Adjustable Heat Shield AT2010 WG from Working Person's Store. Place your order with us today to get that much-needed extra layer of protection you need when you're welding.

One size fits most.

7 ¾" length

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