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Reviews For Wolverine Boots 2564

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Average Customer Review
9 out of 10 people found this product review helpful.
Quality Boots that last...
By: Don
I am totally impressed with the Wolverine 2564 Durashock Boot. I wear these on average 6 days a week in construction related work. I am hard on shoes because of the dirty and wet conditons we work in and being on my feet most of the day. These are probably the most comfortable boot I have owned and are resistant to water and mud. I keep two pair and wear them every other day so one pair dries from perspiration & wet conditions. I still have a pair in service that I bought more than three years ago. Please keep making this comfortable quality boot. They arent cheap to buy but I feel you get what you pay for in this boot and more.....COMFORT that lasts!
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8 out of 9 people found this product review helpful.
This is my second pair of the wolverine...
By: Chris D.
This is my second pair of the wolverine 2564 waterproof boots. They aren't like most of the other boots out there that say waterproof, they actually really are. My feet stay completely dry all day everyday. And that is so important to me because in the past I have had a lot of problems with the boots I have worn because my feet would get wet and hurt all day.
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7 out of 7 people found this product review helpful.
Durability, Protection and Comfort...
By: LillianO
These are the best and most comprehensive boots which protect the wearer for all construction environments. They also are long-lasting and wear very well, even under extreme conditions. The wearability is very good, both inside the boot and out. The leather is an exceptional grade and the leather can be further preserved and additionally protected if mink oil is applied to outside leather portions of the new boot and reapplied every two or three months. Comfort level is amazing! The Durashock insoles inside the Wolverine boots add to the comfort level while giving the arch some extra support.
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7 out of 8 people found this product review helpful.
Since I work for a local water company...
By: Steve
Since I work for a local water company all my boots have to be waterproof. This is the first pair that I have found that is truely waterproof. I can stand in water within about an inch of the top and never get wet feet. These are a little warmer in the summer because of the GorTex liner, but it is more then worth it. the composite toe is great in the winter because it takes longer to get cold then the normal steel toes would. Everyone at my job didn't think it was worth the extra money but while they were running for the rubber slip-ons, I was dry and working. Now almost everyone has a pair. my first pair lasted about three years and today I am getting my second pair.
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6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
I'm wearing these boots for my tanker job...
By: jay-eric
These have been the best boots I've worn so far. They fit like a glove and stay flexible in the truck while I'm driving. I spelt some gas on them today and it just ran off the waterproofing. Yet my feet stayed cool and comfortable all day long. I can tighten up the lace's with out worry because of the strong eyelets. The tongue stays in place and never wanders down. Love these boots
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6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
I'm wearing these boots for my tanker job...
By: jay-eric
I found these boots to be comfortable and flexible enough to drive a tanker truck 10 hours a day. I am in gas and diesel and found the soles of the boots hold up well. The non slip feature works well. The leather holds up to the harsh environment I work in. I like the fact my feet do not get the petroleum on them. The weather proofing keeps my feet protected. I have not found any weak points to the boot. It is put together very well. I will stay to this brand.
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By: AmericanMade1967
Unfortunately, this boot is imported and not American Made. That's pretty much the only negative - they're crazy comfortable and pretty reliable boots. For being a composite toe, I was pretty surprised how well they lasted when I had a chunk of concrete fall on my foot. Definitely recommend these, sucks they aren't American Made but not much of anything is these days.
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Wolverine DuraShocks...
By: David Donaldson
It's been a rough switch since I decided to start buying my work boots primarily from Wolverine versus Timberland PRO. The greatest thing about these boots and most of Wolverine's boots is the Durashock concept - not only does it provide amazing protection but their own kind of comfort that makes everyone loyal to them. I highly recommend these to those interested in a boot that can last up to hours and still provide the same amount of comfort. The composite toe is another added bonus as it is not a very heavy boot or uncomfortable at all.
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Wolverine Quality...
By: Deborah
I bought these last Christmas for my husband and was very impressed by the Working Person's Store. Not only were these some of the most comfortable boots my husband has ever worn but the price and deal Working Person's helped our family with was wonderful. We were able to get more than one pair of these for a decent price and all have held up for some time. Highly recommend both the store and boots!
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By: Brian
Wolverine is one of my personal favorite brands so it makes sense why one of my favorite boots would be from them as well. These are some of the best in terms of comfort, also one of the first boots I ever bought and stuck with. I can't buy anything without durashocks anymore, it's definitely worth buck.
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Comfortable boots...
By: Frank
I stand for usually over twelve hours a day and these have been comfortable for me. They look nice and I love the Wolverine brand. Every time I order from them they ship out very quick and I get more than what I expected.
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Great Boots...
By: Tim H
This is my third pair of these boots I have ordered from Working Persons. I have not had a problem yet with them. Comfort is there, light weight, durable, and waterproof. This last pair I was happy to be suggested some waterproofing paste to help them last even longer for me. Awesome boots!
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The perfect boot...
By: Denny
This Wolverine boot is the perfect boot for construction work. They are 100% waterproof. Puddles are no longer a problem in my day. The composite toe is much lighter and more comfortable than steel toes.
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By: Jimmy
DuraSchocks are the best kind of boot you can buy! Been wearing these bad boys for a few years and besides the expected wear and tear they are still going good for me! I am always a new fan of composite toe instead of steel toe. A lot more comfortable
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nice light boots...
By: Sam W.
I always buy Wolverine because their boots are the most comfortable. I really like these boots, they feel and look great! I really like that these are composite toe, much lighter than steel toes but with the same protection. And my toes don't get as cold in the winter.
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Picky about boots...
By: Brandon
I am very picky about boots. I like ones with good thread and comfort. I was a huge fan of Thorogood and I decided to try something different to switch it up. Both are very comfortable, but I feel like the Wolverine fit my feet better.
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Great fit...
By: Nick
The fit on these work boots is great. They aren't too big, or small. They were ready to go as soon as I received them. They are comfortable and durable. Not to mention they are great looking. I am excited to see how long they last!
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Break in time isnt bad...
By: Arthur
I bought these a few months ago and they do have a little break in time, but once you get past that they are great boots. They are very durable and have been going strong for a few months and they are still looking nice!!!
Was this review helpful To you?
By: Craig
I love the Durashocks. They shipped out fast and were more than what I expected. My feet felt like I was walking on a cloud, they are the most comfortable pair of boots I have ever owned. Will stick to these from now on!
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Love them...
By: Skip
I love the Gore Tex on these boots. I tried these a few months ago and they got to me fast and are nice boots. The sizing on them is perfect and they fit like every other boot I have had before. I love them!
Was this review helpful To you?
By: Bexley
My feet are jumping for joy at how comfortable these boots are. I have never felt such an amazing pair of boots. I purchased them over 6 months ago and they are still going strong. I will recommend this to anyone that is searching for a new pair of boots. Bravo Wolverine and Working Person's Store.
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Been buying for years...
By: Korbin
I have been getting these boots for years. I have nothing but good things to suggest for anyone needing safety toe and still getting comfort. I would never go back to steel toe after having the composite toe. I have never had any issues with these boots leaking, which was an issue in past boots. If you want an all around boot these are the ones.
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These boots keep my feet safe and comfortable during my entire work shift!...
By: Teddy
These boots are nice and lightweight on my feet. Not too bulky, not too stiff, and provide my feet with plenty of comfort throughout my shift. A really nice work boot and so far I'm really happy with them.
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good value,long wear....
By: wt77
This is my second pair of these shoes. I really like the way they fit although they are slow to break in. The Gortex liners take some getting used to but keep my feet dry. The soles wear well. The large safety toe box don't hurt the tops of my toes like some shoes I've had before. I did have to add some orthotics for a foot condition and made these shoes everything I could ask for.
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Look great but the fit is terrible/very uncomfortable...
By: Cameron
I've been purchasing Timberland Pro boots from Working Person's store for years. Decided to try these Wolverine boots and hated them. I ordered the same size and width as I have for years and they were just awful. Thanks to the Outstanding Customer Service at Working Person and I was able to exchange the Wolverine boots too Timberland Pro's and I am VERY happy now.
Was this review helpful To you?
By: Joe Rauscher
These boots just did not feel comfortable. The sole felt hard to the bottom of my foot. I'm going back to Timberland Boots. Considering all the rave reviews, I was very disappointed in the comfort and the looks. These are not cheap boots but not real high end either. I am really surprises so many people love them. I would not recommend them but apparently I'm in the minority here.
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These boots are great for working...
By: Xavier Cruz
The boots are waterproof, electrical hazard, and have durashock which makes it feel like you are walking on a cloud of air. I've had my boots I'm ankle deep water and no leakage noted. I have tried other boots like GA boot these boots hurt your feet after working for 8 hrs, Redwings are too tough to break in.
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Great boots....
By: Tim Smoot
The 2564 boot seems to be well constructed and fit well(after you finally get them on). The uppers do not open enough to allow them to be pulled on easily. They were a little slow to break in, but that is understandable with the way they are constructed and the thicker soles. Overall I am happy with my purchase. I have only worn them two and a half weeks and would recommend to others.
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Wolverine Boots: Men's Composite Toe 2564 DuraShocks Work Boots

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