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Reviews For Timberland PRO Boots Style TMBTB085593214

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Average Customer Review
28 out of 29 people found this product review helpful.
Less Fatigue!...
By: Suzanne
Husband has issues with feet and we purchased them for a work boot. He wears insoles to help from the Good Feet Store but these boots decreased his foot and leg pain by 50% the first day he wore them. He has had them a month and will not allow me to buy anything else. He is a stationary engineer and does maintenance for a large hospital so has alot of walking on hard floors. We also accidently ordered them a 1/2 size to small and they fit him perfect. His normal is a 10.5 and we ordered in a 10.
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26 out of 28 people found this product review helpful.
By: Simon
After wearing these on the job, I felt a hard spot on the inside of the left boot, where the tongue attaches, but this went away after a few days as the boot wore in. Otherwise, the only con I can come up with so far is that the leather scuffs easily, but so far, it responds well to polish, and to be fair, my job is pretty rough on boots. The main point is that I suffer from plantar fascitis, and usually, when I get home from work, no matter what I wore, my feet hurt so much I could barely walk from the truck to the house. After wearing these all day, my feet do not hurt at all! Amazing. The anti-fatigue technology in these boots is a honeycombed rubber under the removable insole (which I've tossed and improved with Superfeet insoles) that returns energy and makes you feel like you're walking on pillows. I'm sold. These things work great on my Harley, too.
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22 out of 23 people found this product review helpful.
really nice boot...
By: Simon
Just got these and right out of the box, not even broken in yet, they feel better than any other boot I've tried. Looks very, very promising. Will post again after I've worn them for a month on the job, but so far, seems like a great boot for the money.
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21 out of 21 people found this product review helpful.
great hiking boots...
By: CuriousApe
I had owned a pair of these Timberland PRO 85593 work boots for over four years and they never let me down. I use them for all types of hiking form the Alaska to Yellowstone, from the White Mountains in NH to the Great Smoky Mountains in the south. Always comfortable and water resistant. After over 4 years of on and off use the bottoms are wearing out and the leather, which is still in great condition, is beginning to separate from the sole on one of the boots. Comfortable fit and long lasting for a great price. I just replaced them with a pair of Timberline Chocorua boots which have the identical bottom but slightly higher ankle support and a Gore-Tex liner for better breathing. Both of these boots are great and if you don't mind spending a few more dollars consider the Chocorua line for the above reasons, you can't go wrong with either.
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14 out of 15 people found this product review helpful.
Update: One Year And Counting...
By: Simon
Over a year with these boots now and they remain the most comfortable footwear I have ever worn. My Titans were lighter, but the soles came apart after a couple of years and have now been relegated to garden duty. This pair of Timberland Pro boots are heavier, but no heavier than an average pair of biker boots, and the comfort is well worth the slight extra weight. I work on concrete floors in a home improvement store, all day on my feet, and the anti-fatigue technology is terrific.I notice that Timberland has started putting this in many of their other boots and I can see why. It flat out works. I will only buy boots with anti-fatigue now. The ideal thing would be anti-fatigue with a welted sole, which they offer now. I'll be buying that next. Try it, your feet will thank you.
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7 out of 7 people found this product review helpful.
Very hard sole...
By: motleycrues
This boot looked great but fell short for me after waiting for 2 weeks to get them ,there was room for comfort but when laced up and tied the top eyelets stuck into my foot they came in to far , and my other complaint is the bottom of the boot was so hard it sounded like a pair of hard soled cowboy boots when walking and had no give to them to take the shock they where not soft when walking you could feel the shock of every step, so i sent the boots back for a replacement pair of Carolina made in the USA boots but i could not get them because i paid with PayPal,
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
Best boots I've owned...
By: Gary Osborne
I've been buying work boots for 40 years and have had everything from K-mart cheapies to other Timberlands, Wolverine, Carolina Boot, and others and these are by far the most comfortable I've had. I used to have back pain after working in my shop all day and haven't noticed that since I've had these boots. Great boot - would buy again.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Comfortable soles/Uncomfortable on tops...
By: Sam
Comfortable walking all day, but the top of the boot at the base of the tongue is very hard and pushes into the top of my feet. I have to wear thicker socks for the padding. It's been 4 weeks now and they still haven't soften up, thinking about returning them.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Not for me,Too stiff and crease rubs the tops and sides of my feet when flexed, I'll stick with the Timberland Titans 26061 EH....
By: calhntr
Read the reviews and decided to give these a shot, especially since ive only had great results with timberlands in the past, my bad, these are a little too stiff for my feet, not as flexible or comfortable as the titans, and the crease rubs into the top and side of my feet when their flexed. So as far as they feel to me I cant recommend these for work,
As a not so stationary hospital engineer, I and my coworkers need a flexible all around boot that does'nt require any break in time, waterproof, electrical safety, good protection, lightweight, very flexible, good for five or more miles a day, and nearly all standing, so far the titan 26061 EH has been the best for over the last 7 years, but we're all always looking for something better. too bad these helix 85593 did'nt work out.
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Timberland PRO Boots: Men's Helix 85593 Slip Resistant Work Boots

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