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Reviews For Thorogood Boots 804-4200

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Average Customer Review
20 out of 22 people found this product review helpful.
Great Boots Even Better Customer Service...
By: Dylan
Thorogood has put out yet another high quality steel toe workboot that works just as hard as the Americans who handcrafted it. It breathes, but is water tight; sturdy, but flexible. And to boot (pun intended) I initially ordered the wrong size and Working Person Store customer service worked with me to get me the right boot. Thank you so much for supplying a great product and giving me personal attention in customer service!
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16 out of 16 people found this product review helpful.
Durable steel toe boots made in the USA...
By: QuadK
This pair of made in America boots by Thorogood is very sturdy and will endure tough work without a problem. This model features a steel toe, but if you do not need this type of protection, you can save a bit of money and get the soft toed version of the boot instead. Another good feature about this boot is the thick wedged Vibram sole which has decent traction in wet conditions (use a waterproofer to protect the leather), and the grooves are relatively small so large chunks of mud won’t get stuck in them. Also, the sole is welted, so you can get them re-soled in the future. For sizing, go down about half or even a whole size from your normal size. After being broken-in, these Thorogood boots are comfortable to wear hours at a time.
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16 out of 16 people found this product review helpful.
Practicality > Tradition...
By: aflex
As much as I love my Red Wing IR's and GTs, I actually find that Thorogood made a better wedge sole work boot than the so-called iconic Red Wing 875's. The biggest reason is of course the price tag. At a hundred and forty-five bucks versus Red Wing's two hundred and forty, these makes a more practical work boot that you don't have to pamper. Also, for reasons beyond me, Red Wing has stubbornly stuck to using a crepe sole for the 875's, despite a rubber sole being not only more durable, but also significantly better on snow and ice, and less susceptible to grime and grease. The Thorogoods also have a sleeker profile, which i personally prefer over the bulkier and chunkier toe box on the 875. Also... steel toe. Red Wing doesn't have it. This one does.

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14 out of 14 people found this product review helpful.
Extremely Comfortable Boot...
By: lcapparelli
Not being a huge fan of steel toe boots I can say that these are extremely comfortable. After the first day they had that worn in feel and now I find myself wearing these even on my off days or when walking around town. I have even packed them for when I go on vacation. Great product for the money and being American Made only adds to them. I will continue to wear Thorogood's moving forward.
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14 out of 14 people found this product review helpful.
Most Comfortable Workboots Ever...
By: Margaret
My Husband has had a hard time finding work books that does not hurt his feet. He has tried Dura Shocks, Die Hards, Wolverines and has worn them about two to three weeks and pretty much complained about his feet hurting every day. He is on his feet at work ten hours a day. Finally a friend at work told him that he had the same problem and that he had learned about the Thorogood Boots and so we decided to order a pair. He has not complained about his feet hurting since. He says that they are the most comfortable he has ever owned.
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Best wedge boots out there...
By: HKshooter
I've had several pair of this style boot through the years. Even had them back when they were still using Vibram soles. I can't say enough about this boot. Leather is top quality and son is every other part about this boot. The max wear sole Thorogood uses now lasts just as long if not longer than the Vibram sole they used to use and that most other companies use. My one and only knock against this boot is the lasts they've make them on are kinda weird as far as width goes. They are true to size but run narrow. They really need to add the single E width to this line. Then they would be perfect. I recommend Thorogood's to any one i talk to about boots. They have a life long customer with me.
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great quality...
By: mc9
These boots are great.this is the second pair of this boot I have owned. The leather, soft and durable, is beautiful. The rubber sole is great and lasted much longer than I originally thought it would, about 16 months before resoling. I've tried all brands. Timberland, comfortable but don't last more than 9 months for me. Red Wings, very pricey compared to Thorogoods and not anywhere near the comfort of these boots. American and union made, you can't beat won't regret buying these.
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Comfortable excellent quality...
By: Brian
Great looking boots, comfortable, quality in material and workmanship. There was literally no break in time for me. I have been wearing boots that cost more than these for a few years now and was experiencing terrible pain in the ball of my foot every day. These boots have stopped that pretty much instantly! And one of the best thing is that they are USA made. It's important to me to support The American workforce whenever possible.
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Design flaw IMO, great boot otherwise....
By: C.S.
You can never know if a pair of boots are going to fit until you try them on. I originally got a size 10 instead of 10.5 like I normally wear, but they were still too long. When I got the 9.5, the length was correct, but there was enormous pressure across the top of my foot. After examining the area, I concluded that this pressure was caused by the stitching that runs laterally across the top. It won't allow any flex there. These look like great boots and I tried to buy a USA brand, but they just don't work for me. I have 'normal' feet. YMMV.
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By: Doug
I like these work boots, but they're not exactly the best I've ever owned. Thorogood is a pretty exceptional brand and for being USA made they come out with a lot of decent boots. The 804-4200 are comfortable and they're reliable, but they're not for those who put really heavy use into their boots. That being said, even though they're steel toe the non waterproof thing really was a buzzkill. So, super comfortable but not highly practicable in use.
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American Made...
By: MericaMan_2000
It's difficult to find American Made boots these days that don't have a little mention at the end that some part of the boot had been imported. It's even more difficult to stick by a brand loyally when this happens but that isn't the case for Thorogood. One of the best brands of boots I've owned, Thorogood boots are both American Made and crafted to be the best. It's hard to match up with these and even though the prices on their boots range kind of high it's entirely worth it. The steel toe on these doesn't rub, the Vibram sole holds ups for 10-12 hours a day, and after a year of use I still have my second pair. Highly recommend these to everyone, definitely one of the better shoes on this site.
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Loyal Red Wing Buyer Converted...
By: Mitchel_T567
I'd heard plenty of good things in my last 20 years as a construction worker about the Thorogood brand. Many of the guys on my crew had always been avid buyers of them, never thought of trying them out myself until my recent pair of Red Wings fell apart. That being said, I've been a pretty loyal Red Wing buyer for some time and when I converted to these I'd never been more shocked at how wonderful they were. These are not only the most comfortable pair of shoes I own but some of the most reliable. Even after a year or so, they haven't fallen apart on me yet and still hold the same comfort. Highly recommend these to anyone converting from Red Wings as it is difficult not to go back.
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Husband's Christmas Gift...
By: Lola
I bought these recently to give to my husband for Christmas and am beyond excited. Thorogood is an exceptional company, their shoes are made to be the best and that bar sets them apart in the shoe buying world. Better yet, these shoes are made in the US, not imported and easy to get quickly.
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USA made...
By: Robert
I love this brand. They always ship fast and I have not been upset once. I like finding items made in the USA, as that is hard to find now. They are comfortable and are long lasting. A great item for an even better price!
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Love the look and USA Made!...
By: Brad Shepard
I can wear these to work and then turn around to wear to dinner without my wife complaining. These have been comfort with a very easy break in since I purchased. Nice to be wearing a USA made boot also. Good buy!
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Gotta buy American Made...
By: Ricky
The moc toe really gives these boots a more dressy feel. So I can wear them to work or for a night out. These are very comfortable boots and they help support American made products. So go out and buy a pair!
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USA strong...
By: Nathan
I am not a fan of that made in China crap, this is a darn good made in the United States of America boot! It is so hard to find items not made out of the country but I am thankful I finally found one! And its a great boot!
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Cool look...
By: Damian
I have never tried the wedge type of work boot before and I thought it might bother my foot and give it no arch. There isn't much arch but they are super comfortable. They are long lasting and I am now a fan of this type of sole.
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Great service!...
By: Dick
I ordered these Thorogood boots and had them within a few days. Very fast shipping and the boots are beyond perfect. They are comfortable and had barely any break in time. You will not even be able to tell that they are steel toe.
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US made...
By: Dan
I am so happy this brand still offers items that are made in the USA. I feel like the quality of US made items is a lot better. I got these and they are comfortable and have lasted a long time for me at work.
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Made in the US...
By: Edward
Awesome boots! Hard to find items made in the USA anymore. These are and have great quality. Shipped out quick, even with the free shipping. Best boots I have ever had! Will only buy this brand from now on.
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Comfortable boots...
By: Skip
I got these boots about 3 months ago, they were shipped to me fast and are very comfortable! I love the sole on them, it is so comfortable I forget I am wearing a steel toe boot. I would highly recommend people try this one!
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Great Boots...
By: Kody
I am a farmer and have had my Thorogood's for over 2 years. They have stayed strong for me and are very comfortable. I wear them to work on the nice sunny days and I am so happy that I bought them and will recommend them a lot!
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These boots keep my feet feeling dry and comfortable all day!...
By: Mikey
These are very nice boots and I'm very pleased with how well they keep my feet dry. Very comfortable! I am happy I decided to go with this style of work boot and I will definitely be ordering another pair in the future!
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best thing for my feet...
By: Powerplant
I have used these boots for now a year. they wear a little faster then the Ariot boots i have but the comfort is no where comparable. With walking on concrete, climbing ladders, squatting an being on my knees daily these boots make these tasks much more manageable.

Will continue to purchase these boots.
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great boots...
By: mc9
I'm a landscaper and hard on my boots. I feel lucky if they last 9 months. I'm at 9 months now and they are still great. The leather hasn't split or the sole either which always happens with the other brands I usually get Timberland's, Cats, Red Wings are pretty, but they don't hold up either. From the reviews I expected the Maxwear sole to be worn out now. They are thin but don't need replacing as of yet. It's taken me 27 years in the biz to find MY boot wish I knew about them years ago. Plus long lasting, resoleable, comfortable, Made in USA, good looking. Minuses- none that I've found yet.
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These are the best boots YET!!!!!!!...
By: Margaret
I have always had problems with other boots that are on the market. They would hurt my feet from the very first day of wear, but once I found the Thorogood Boots I have been a loyal customer since!! I tell everyone that I work with that they are missing the most comfortable shoe. I also feel that these are the best steel toed work boots out there for the price that you give.
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Clean, solid, sturdy, and comfortable...
By: RMF408
Like the heading says, these boots are clean, solid, sturdy, and comfortable. I was a bit skeptical to go back to lace-ups after wearing pull-on Wellington boots for many years. Sizing, as other folks state, is a little weird. I think they are pretty close to an exact fit though. As an example, I wear 7.5 Vans skate shoes, 8 Georgia wellies, and 7 in Chippewa pull-ons.
I bought the 8 and they fit like an old glove. The wedge sole feels like I have my skate shoes on again! Even though they have steel caps, the boot is light, comfortable, and correctly weighted on my feet. Do yourself a favor and buy real boot socks for these - no cheapie Costco garbage. Haha
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Not perfect but good for the price....
By: Ron Marks
I was excited to buy a boot made in the USA. Compared to others, the price was very attractive. I used a measuring guide and ordered the boots recommended. The over size is perfect but the width is not. They are much wider than my foot and therefore I have to cinch the laces until the eyelets over the top of my feet almost meet. That is OK for now, I hope they do not stretch or I will not be able to tighten the boots adequately.

Another issue is a folded over piece of leather on the inside near a stitch. It wears on my foot. It is only like that in one boot.

Other than those issues, the boots are great. I hope they last for years!
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Been wearing for a year...
By: tdottymiller
I have had these boots for slightly over a year. I wear them everyday to work in a manufacturing environment. They seem to hold up very well. Rear outside corner of the soles are wearing quickly but it may be due to my walking. Hold up well, fit well, very comfortable. 4 out of 5 stars because they still turn all my socks yellow when i'm not sweating.
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best ever...
By: Powerplant
I work at a power plant. Always walking. 12 hr shifts.
I've have ariat, red wing, rocky twisted X, Tony lama. None were as comfortable or held up as wel. These are hands down the best, They make pounding pavement for 12 hrs much more bearable. Along with WPS makes purchasing a pleasure. Will continue to buy these boots and through here for yrs to come.
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Thorogood Boots: Men's Steel Toe Vibram Sole Work Boots 804-4200

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