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Reviews For Obenaufs 1109

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Average Customer Review
18 out of 19 people found this product review helpful.
Heavy duty laces......
By: Oilchecker
I put a pair of these Obenauf's Industrial laces on a new pair of Danner boots. These laces are most certainly heavy duty and very much coated in Obenauf's LP leather treatment. You will get some of the oil/wax on your hands when tying. The wax helps the laces glide through the loops and cleats of my boots. The laces seem to hold their tightness throughout the day. If you don't mind a bit of wax on your hands then yes I would recommend these laces..I expect them to last a long time
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14 out of 17 people found this product review helpful.
Tough as nails...
By: Dick
I tried a pair of these Obenaufs 1109 Industrial strengh boot laces and realy like them a lot. Somehow, the laces on my Chippewa GQ Apache 6 inch boots broke and I needed replacements. I didn't want to get the same laces again, seeing as how they snapped on my in 4 months, so I opted for these. For the past 7 months of near daily wear on my Chippewa boots, the laces have held up. No fraying or thinning of any sort. They were clearly built for more than the abuse I was giving them. I'm certain they will outlast the boots themselves. The 63 inch length is perfect for the 6 inch boots, but do not work on my 8 inch boots. No matter, these are great shoelaces!
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12 out of 16 people found this product review helpful.
Great laces...
By: rj23nyr
Stock laces never last that long for me. For a while, I was cutting lengths of paracord and lacing my boots up with them, but i found these didn't last long enough either. These laces are one of two products I have found that hold up to day in and day out use. I bought them because I was tired of constantly replacing laces. They have lasted much longer than my previous solutions and I would recommend them to people who put wear and tear on their boots.
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12 out of 16 people found this product review helpful.
Truly "Heavy Duty" laces...
By: astepbehind
As the name indicates, these are not normal run of the mill laces. They truly are a step beyond in terms of build quality and strength. Unlike the set of laces that came with my work boots originally (which broke after about 7 months of moderate use), these Obenauf laces feel more tightly woven, which is difficult to explain. On my old laces, I was able to sort of shift the outer layer away from the core it was wound around fairly easy, which I believe contributed to their early demise. The Obenauf laces don't feel that way, and appear to be more similar to one solid piece.

As the description notes, they are indeed treated and feel a bit waxy to the touch. The first time I used them to lace my boots up they were a bit stiff and left a little bit of wax on the eyelets of my boots - not a big deal, but if you are worried at all about getting wax on your boots, it may be worthwhile to work the laces a bit and then wipe them down before installing them on your boots.
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7 out of 7 people found this product review helpful.
At last!!!!!...
By: dsmama
I have looked everywhere for laces my son can't break, at last I found them! These really are tough. And worth every penny! He can't tie his shoes without yanking the laces with all of his strength. These laces can stand up to the constant yanking and stress put on them when he is working. These are a mother's dream.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
strong laces!...
By: shoop123
Bought these to replace laces that came with a pair of Wolverine Dura-shocks. Laces would not stay tied, so I bought leather laces, which broke within one week. Now I have the Obenauf's and they stay tied and do not seem like they will break easily. They are awesome. A little waxy but durable, for those of us who wear work boots 40 plus hours a week. Highly recommended, especially for the price.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
If you wear boots of any kind, get these strings!...
By: chetf
I have several boots and just purchased a Chippewa Super Logger from I initially purchased these strings to "see" if they were as good as the reviews. They are! Fortunately I purchased two pairs. I restrung one of my older boots with these. I pulled hard on these since that boot was well worn. Great strength, great materials, and then they are coated with Obenauf's LP as stated in one of the reviews. Much stronger than leather and much more durable. I would recommend these boot strings for any boot usage. They can put up with whatever you throw at them.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
strong like bull...
By: Andy666
these laces are great! they are strong and seem like they will outlast my shoes. they are a little waxy, but that is no problemmo for me as i am tired of broken laces. i would recommend these laces on account of the durability. i have only had them for a month, but they still look as if i took them right out the box.
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1 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Best USA made shoes laces I've worn!...
By: Enigmatic
These Obenauf's shoe laces are most definitely the best shoe laces I've worn as they're made for the wildland firefighter! My laces stays tight, tied all day long and doesn't slip at all! Don't mind the initial waxing on your laces for your first week as it'll go away with wear, so simply brush the extra wax at the end of the day. I've worn these laces on my boots for roughly 4 months now, maybe 12 hours a day for maybe 6-7 days a week and the laces show no signs of wear at all, no fraying and holding true. No slip at all and stays tied. At this rate, I expect this laces to last a long time.

I highly recommend this USA made boot lace. The best I've worn so far. A+
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Good laces...
By: bbarn
These are great laces for my Wesco Highliner boots. I have wore out my stock laces rather quickly so I tried these. They are heavy duty and have a lot of wax to make them stick well when tying. I will be buying these when in need of laces. I personally prefer the black color of these to the tan laces that come with most boots. Great product
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Obenauf's 1109 Industrial Strength 63 Inch Boot Laces

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