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Reviews For Corcoran Boots 5407

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Average Customer Review
14 out of 15 people found this product review helpful.
6 years, 5 crashes, still got all my feet parts....
By: bill
These Corcoran military boots fit great right out of the box. Hold a good shine. On & Off quick and quiet. Love the belts. Walk in really well and quiet, they don't clonk when you step down. Don't slip when you put your foot down, even on the gas. Cool (even on a Beemer) They seem to keep out the water pretty well, I also like the nice big boxy toes, good for more socks in the winter. The price is very fair. AND like I said "They crash really well. Half The Fun of Ridin' is Fallin' Down
Wild Bill
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13 out of 14 people found this product review helpful.
Not the same boot....
By: Dennis
I owned three pair of PX bought Corcoran tanker boots while serving as a tanker with the 2nd US Cavalry. WOW! Talk about going down hill. These boots with their thin leather, tendency to crack, poor strapping and overall quality are not the same boot. It is really too bad as the old tankers were a great boot.
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9 out of 11 people found this product review helpful.
Great boots!...
By: Madj0007
Satisfy with item and delivery process. Recommend it to future buyers. What I don't like about the product is that it might be too hot for wearing during hot summer weather. the material that is made is not class A material. Overall is an O.K. product and a bit expensive.
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9 out of 11 people found this product review helpful.
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6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
Extremely Comfortable and Durable Boots...
By: Shadowproject
Arrived within 1 week of my order being placed! High grade tough exterior leather and a supple inner tongue make these very comfortable boots. I'm on my feet for 8-12 hours a day and I'm in no hurry to take these off when I get home. They're very quiet and nimble to walk in, and even though they're boots, they feel more like tennis shoes. I probably wouldn't use these for arduous hikes in the mountains, but for walking/standing over long periods of time they're wonderful. The buckles are fast and didn't take much adjustment to find the right fit. They provide a nice level of support without feeling like your feet are encased in cement blocks. The soles are very tough and are definitely non marking, with excellent traction even on slippery surfaces. The shinier leather adds a certain amount of "dress factor" to these boots, making them appropriate for lots of functions where boots might not be the best idea for footwear. They required about 2-3 days of break in time, and then really started to mold to my foot. I love these boots and expect to get YEARS of good service out of them!
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4 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
Tanker Boots Did Not Quite Make It...
By: Simon
I had always wanted to try a pair of tanker boots. For those who may be curious, the story behind how these things got their name is that, supposedly, during WWII, General Patton saw that one of his tank drivers had his boot laces torn, so he took the strap off one of his leather gun holsters and gave it to the driver to fasten his boot with. Hence, "tanker" boots. Who doesn't want to try a pair of boots with that kind of history? Well, I got a pair (from another vendor) and they did not work out as well as I had hoped. I currently own a pair of Corcoran lace-up jump boots, and I have worn them before, and expect that I will always own at least one pair, and I've always been very pleased with them. They provide excellent support with their steel shanks and the laces allow you to adjust the fit (if you get the ones with the zippers, then you can adjust the fit with the laces and do a quick on and off with the zippers). However, these proved to be a disappointment. I suspect they may have "farmed" these out, because the quality of the leather was not up to their usual standards. It almost felt synthetic. There was none of that rich suppleness that I have come to associate with good quality leather boots, such as the other Corcoran boots I've had. And contrary to what it says in the ad copy on this site, those tanker straps can very easily get caught on stuff, much more easily than laces that are properly adjusted. Not only that, but if those straps come out of their loops, it's a bit of a pain to thread them back through. These boots also did not stand up to wear as well as other Corcoran boots I've had. Again, the quality of the leather was to blame. They began to crack after a while where you get the wrinkles in the leather from normal flexing of the foot. And it did not take very long for this to happen. If you're the type who buys boots for fashion, and you dig this sort of look, but will probably get another pair of boots in a year or so when fashions change again, then maybe these will work for you. However, this site is called "Working Person's," and working people need boots that LAST. These won't.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Best boots ever....
By: R.B.
They feel ready for business right out of the box, and break in time is under a week. It's important to train the leather early to bend a certain way so it doesn't crimp inward. After a few months now they're very naturally fitting. I put the bottom strap on hole 3, and the top strap on hole 1 for casual wear, hole 3 for riding or braving the town. If you ever have to push your motorcycle for 3 miles like I did last weekend, you'll be glad you're wearing Corcoran tankers!
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Good Boots, but not for all day wear....
By: KingKong
I saw someone wearing the boots and I asked what they were. Searching online for them last summer (2014), I liked what I saw, the prices were around $145 everywhere. Closer to Christmas availability of popular sizes started shrinking & prices started going up. Ordering online I got my size & $145 price only through a web fulfillment. Any store I called they were out or the price went up. I loved them from the moment I put them on. I find that I cannot wear them for long periods (8-10 hours) as my soles are a little sensitive to the steel shank. I have not had any problems with the straps, and with wear, they seem to break in and find the correct notches themselves. The more I wear them the more comfortable they get, and the leather really takes a shine. I am happy with them. The only thing I really wish was different is that the innersole doesn't come out, so there is no replacing the with soft gel soles.
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2 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Looks Cool but not functional...
By: Nate
Tongue of shoe always slides down. That makes them uncomfortable. The soles are on a slope. Where the heels are higher than the toes. This seemed ok for a while. Eventually I started having lower back pain. I don't know if that is just me but with other shoes I do not have pain. On the other hand the cushion on the inside does not fall out like the XCS2525 that I bougth 4 years ago.
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Corcoran Boots: Men's 10 Inch Black Welted Tanker Military Boots 5407

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