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Reviews For Tingley Overshoes 1300

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Average Customer Review
27 out of 33 people found this product review helpful.
Great item - redesigned with large toe box - fits all of my shoes & boots!...
By: Nick
Tingley hit a home run when they redesigned these 4" rubbers! These now fit over all of my shoes & boots (athletic, work boots, hiking boots, etc.). Only negative is that color can rub off on light color boots & shoes.
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18 out of 21 people found this product review helpful.
Rubbers help when stuck in snow...
By: Brett
My buddy and me were driving my Jeep to campus after a massive snow storm in Michigan. I had on my new pair of Tingley rubbers and convinced him that he should pull my old pair over his sneakers. The Jeep did pretty well in the snow until I got stuck in a plowed-up bank at the entrance to the gym parking lot. I tried rocking out, and my buddy pushed (thanks, rubbers), but the snow was too deep for my tires. Since we didn't have a shovel, we were seriously stuck and probably high-centered too. I tried to get out for about 20 minutes -- made limited progress, but the tires eventually just spun. As a last resort, we slapped on a set of tire chains -- the rubbers came in handy for this chore. Even with the chains I was having a lot of trouble, but I managed to get out in about 10 minutes. My buddy was impressed that after all this work in the snow, his feet were completely dry. He thanked me -- and I thank Tingley's. Great rubbers!
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7 out of 10 people found this product review helpful.
Tingley's Fit The Bill...
By: Nolan
I work in a Chicken Processing Plant, I have been there for 10 years. I have worn Muck Boot's, Tennis Shoes, and other over shoes. The Boots really take a toll on your leg and calf muscles after walking all day. The tennis shoes are great, but my problem is you never know where you will be working. I have a EEE Wide Foot, and I don't want to pay the high prices for Wide Boots, when all I need is the top of the shoe protected from dripping water. These Tingley Overshoes are all that I need. When I do have to work the real dripping wet departments, my feet stay nice and dry. When I bought them I was concerned that the tread would wear away quickly due to the rough Cement floor. I have had them for almost 2 weeks and I have not seen any tread wear. These are nothing like the ones I had as a Child, they easily slip on the shoe rather it's in your hand or on your feet. The material has a lot of give to it. The only down side for me is that because I work in a refrigerated environment, condensation builds a little in between the over shoe, and my Tennis shoe. On the weekend I take the shoes out and let them air. Worth every penny.
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4 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
Find the right fit- Easy on and easy off....
By: Russ Twilley
The 1300 gives you the wide toe width. This will allow you to fit on any size shoe width. I've used this overshoe brand for over 2 years, in the landscape business. Will not leak! I have a shoe size that's 10.5 and the large is just right. With the right fit, it should slip on [toe first, all the way in] then just pull up over the heel.
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4 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
Great product...
By: Shedshed
Buying from this seller has made me very happy. I have tried many different types of rubber overshoes and after a few times they have a tendency to rip. These tingley rubber overshoes are easy on and off, are strong and they are made to fit over sneakers and health shoes which tend to run a little bigger.
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1 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
Tingley boots...
By: MaryAusman
I purchased several pair of these boots for my husband and son. They like the durability of these boots and the fit of them on their shoes, even tennis shoes. They find they are very durable and don't rip very often. The grip of the soles last a long time . Since we live on a dairy farm, I have purchased these also for our employees to use. The grip in the soles help prevent slipping and falling in wet alleys.
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Keeps feet warm and dry....
By: Steve
These are great! They easily fit over all of our shoes and boots. We work outdoors in a home improvement store's unheated lumber warehouse. They provide a thermal break between the cold concrete and our work boots. Our feet stay comfortable down to about 30 degrees F.

My coworkers and I wear them all winter long. Give them a try!
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0 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
These boots fit like a second skin...
By: Michael Paugh
I work a lot in the oil fields. The constant mud and wet conditions are no match for these overshoes. Like what has been said in other testimonials these 20.00$ shoes completely save a 300.00 dollar pair of work boots. Love these overshoes.
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0 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Son Loves These...
By: CindyC
Bought these Tingley Overshoes for our son who works in fencing. He says that they work great to keep the heavy dew off his work boots in the mornings. He takes them off mid morning and throws them in the back of the truck for the next day. Easy on and easy off. He's very pleased and so are we. Thanks for a great product.
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0 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Love these!!!!!!!...
By: ehipsher
I have been using these for years. I'm a sanitation worker who is out in all weather elements. These have saved many pairs of boots from water damage. Especially when it is pouring outside while I'm working. Easy to slip on and off. Can't beat the price for these rubber covers especially when they are saving 200.00 dollar boots from damage.
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0 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
My 2nd Order...
By: Nolan
See my review above, it's why I ordered a second pair. These over shoes are great. I have a big foot, but the 1300 goes on & off my 14 EEE Tennis shoe with ease. I made a mistake and bought a different model for a lower price, but I couldn't wear it because it was too binding across the toes. The 1300 is the Best.
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0 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Rubbers to fit over english riding boots...
By: Diane
I have had Tingley Rubbers before tho use over my riding boots to preserve them and they work just great. I ordered because they looked like they came up higher than my old ones which sadly after years of service bit the dust. These rubbers did come up higher and were nice snug however the work boot toe that I did not account for was comically way to big for riding boot. A very amusing site.. So back they go. But, with a good rating because the product has nothing wrong with it.
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0 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Very pleased with the product so far....
By: Lisa Giger
I purchased these for my dad for Christmas. I couldn't find any anywhere and was so glad to have found these online. He put them on as soon as he opened them and they fit over his shoes perfectly. He hasn't had a chance to use them yet (it's been too cold) but he was so excited to get them! Can't wait to see if they work for him.
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0 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Dry Feet...
By: Doug Yeager
The shoe covers have successfully been keeping my feet dry in rainy conditions. I also have received compliments on the appearance of the covers. They also are very durable. I recommend that people get a pair and at least their shoes will last longer.
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Tingley Overshoes: Men's 1300 Black Waterproof Rubber Work Overshoes

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