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Reviews For Chippewa Boots 25410

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Average Customer Review
12 out of 12 people found this product review helpful.
Stop & Buy!...
By: Rebelyell
I have worked in the field for 35 years doing construction and maintenance jobs. Before these boots, I had tried them all, at any price. Once these Chippewa boots were put on, I had no need to look further. First, they are really comfortable. Second, they are protective of any abuse they encounter. Thirdly, they last over the years and even have a return for refurbishing mailer program. WOW! Plus they are made in America. The neat little American flag at the toe of the laces is a constant reminder.
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11 out of 12 people found this product review helpful.
good comfortable boot...
By: djm
these boots are awesome my feet were dry,warm and comfortable for 12 hours a day i liked them so much i bought another pair well worth the money
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11 out of 13 people found this product review helpful.
Good all around boot...
By: Bill
Had these for about a year, replacing a well worn pair of Georgia 9380. They seem to fit a bit on the narrow side but that was not an issue. They broke in quickly and were comfortable. The insulation is nice, but not too much to be unpleasant in the summer.

Overall, good all around boot. Waterproofing was ok, but the Georgia's were better. After about a year, there is something starting to pull apart in the liner. Soles are starting to separate from the boot at the toes and ball of the foot.

Would I recommend? Yes.

Would I purchase again? Unlikely.
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10 out of 11 people found this product review helpful.
Best boots ever!...
By: RoniWatt
I bought these boots for my husband when they were initially recommended by a co-worker. He spends 12 hours per day in them and absolutely loves them. Not only great for work, but also for motorcycle riding. Great wear, great looks, and the quality is the best we've come across. He'll never wear another brand! Comfortable from the very first day, no breaking in time needed and that has never happened for him. Love these Chippewa boots so much I'm thinking of getting a pair for myself, great boots for the Harley! Well worth the price!
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8 out of 11 people found this product review helpful.
this boot as the most comfort of any...
By: chris liles
this boot as the most comfort of any boot i've ever worn and thats alot these boot's work great for wildland fires construction and there user friendly there cheap but trustworthy trucst me can't go wrong with chippewa's why would i lie just try them there truely amazeing
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6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
Chippewa Logger Boot...
By: Ted Gay
Have not worn these in the woods yet. But after wearing all kinds of boots for 50-odd years, I have a pretty good idea of what will perform well. These are NOT made in China. These boots cost a LOT more than the China crap. Spend the money and be happy.
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6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
Damn good boots!...
By: ~Rob K
I bought these to replace a pair of Danner boots that I wore out. These are not quite as comfortable as the Danners, but they are super-solid. I had these boots for many years now, and at this point, I think they will last forever. I need new laces, but otherwise, they are holding up as good as new. Bad Ass boots!
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6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
American Made...
By: GVanMeter
I feel good about spending $250.00 for a pair of AMERICAN made boots. At least I know my money is going towards hard working Americans that take pride in their work. I'll never again spend that kind of money on a boot that says MADE IN CHINA, such as REDWING, who farms out their product to other countries. Let me ask why when I used to pay $160.00 for a pair of REDWINGS that used to be made in America do I still pay the same price today for a pair of CHINA junk with the REDWING name at the same price.
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
By: Jeremy Kinsman
This is my 3rd pair of Chippewa Steel toed boots. All three pair have been the American Made versions, I wouldn't buy anything else. I work in construction running heavy equipment and these boots and the others in the past have been the most comfortable boots I have ever bought, and I have tried many brands out there and these rise above the rest. All three pair have required no break in period at all, very comfortable from day one. One great thing about these boots is even after a 12+ hrs in these boots at work, they are NOT the first thing I think about getting off when I get home from work, I have been known to wear them till it's time to go to bed, they are more comfortable than many of the shoes I have bought over the years. I would highly recommend this great AMERICAN MADE PRODUCT to any hard working man who needs to be in comfortable boots all day for work or play.
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5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
Quality construction... Leather too soft...
By: Pete
good traction,
keep feet dry
waxed laces
no break in time

Very Soft Leather... scratches deeply very easily

Bought these to replace 12 year old Danner boots (approximately same price) and have had them for about a month. The Chippewa have a much higher arch, which took a bit of getting used to with my flat feet.
The Chippewa leather scratches very easily and deeply as compared with the Danner boots. This means little to no break in time, BUT Im more concerned with the longevity of the leather in the Chippewa boots. It seems like the leather was over-oiled its so soft. Next time Ill be going back to Danner.
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4 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
Best boot purchase and best service I have ever made & had....
By: chetf
I am merely a physics teacher in GA who works hard on the weekends too. I read a lot about this boot and this company. I really wanted a boot made in USA one because I love my Country, believe in our manufacturing, and most all the reports said this boot was excellent. I cannot attest to the boots not made in USA. The boot I received in less than a week is excellent. Like many of the other reviews, I plan to wear these to work. No trouble getting them broken in. Just wear them. They are true to size, very comfortable out of the box, if it is important; they look great. I have never paid this much for a boot. I used to use hiking boots for work boots because the work boots were so expensive. This is great for the outside work I do. I cut and chop a lot of wood. These are excellent on my back and feet. I do grow about an inch and 1/2 when I put them on. If you are debating getting these boots, let me encourage you that you will have made a wise choice. I spent 3 weeks researching these boots. I am sure you can pay more. You will not get more. Enjoy your search.
If you are on the fence about from whom to purchase, I did the research for you. Working person store has the best deal, service, support, and other equipment/clothing care for equipment than your are going to get at any other on line store. Save yourself time and keep looking here.
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3 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Shipyard worker that put these through hell...
By: marcinville
I got my 1st pair Chippewa Steel toed boots American Made 2nd hand from my step father that worked in the Boston shipyard. I got new job up in Portsmouth Shipyard and was in need of a good pair of boots quickly. 6 yrs later I still have those boots!!! I have many different boots due to weather, wear, smell, and cost, IF YOUR GOING TO INVEST IN A BOOT THESE CANT BE BEAT!!! I have cheap pairs for nasty jobs(disposable), but throughout these years these Chippewas has out lasted them all!!!
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3 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Best boots lasted 5 years...
By: Jay
I work in logging fields where they are meant to be and my first ones lasted 5 years until they were beat dead. Brand new pair is still holding up great. Only boots ill wear. My buddy's said the same. $300 for 5 years of heavy logging yarding use.
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3 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Great boots, second pair...
By: Rob R.
I bought a pair of these 25410 boots a few years ago, still wearing them in good shape. Bought another pair to replace some really old Walker brand boots, wore the Vibrams right off of them. The Chippewas are warm & comfy and fit well. I've got happy feet.
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2 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
Tough ass boot...
By: Fred
I wore red wing boots for 21 years, till they made the logger in China. On my third pair of 25410 Chippewa s. I'm in and out of mud dust and chemicals and these boots are the only ones up to the task for me. Great comfort, awesome protection. Lasting up to 4 years a pair, I WILL keep buying them. Buy an American boot and get your money's worth.

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1 out of 2 people found this product review helpful.
By: Coyote Green

I have been wearing these boots for less then a month, they are very comfortable and water proof.

HOWEVER, there is no pull tab on the back, which makes these boots very hard to get on, I am going to take them to a boot repair shop and have some put on.

My other problem is the hooks are cutting the laces. I noticed one lace starting to wear in one spot, I then noticed a sharp ridge on the hook from the casting. I filed it down and all seemed good. Then one day I noticed both boot laces are worn through at every hook and the laces are now breaking, stretching, stringing everywhere.

So, I buy an almost $300 pair of boots and the hooks cut the laces??? I have had many pairs of cheap WallMart boots, and cheap $100 Georgia boots with the waffle soles and they never cut the laces.

These boots even had really nice laces, the kind that last longer then the boot and now what?. Now I have really nice laces in 6 pieces.

Next time I will just buy 3 pairs of Georgia boots for the same price and I can keep my laces in one piece.

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Excellent Boots at excellent price...
By: albee003
My husband has been wearing these boots exclusively for several years as a carpenter. Extremely well made (USA!) and the quality compared to those imported are easily noticeable. The boots are extremely comfortable and can take quite the beating. Great price at www.WorkingPerson.Com and you wont find a better deal online.
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By: Bob
Wow these are great boots. They are so comfortable right out of the box. They do run a bit on the small side and as the day goes on your feet swell so I suggest ordering a 1/2 or even full size bigger so you will be comfortable all day. It may take a day or so to get used to the height of the heel and the weight of the boots as they are a bit heavy but they will mold your feet and keep them warm. I know they are a bit expensive to buy but believe me they are worth every penny and will last a long time. I work in construction and lots of my fellow workers wear Chippewa 25410 and swear they are SUPER boots.
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Chippewa Boots: Men's Steel Toe 25410 Insulated Waterproof Logger Work Boots

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