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Tough work jeans...
By: rev_rend
This pair of Carhartt double front dungaree jenas B07 DNM is the toughest pair of jeans I've owned. None of my other jeans are built as tough as my double front carhartts. I like that I can put them through a lot of abuse and have them stand up to it well.

I don't find them very comfortable though. They're warm, so unless I am doing a really heavy duty job, I don't wear them in the summer. Also, the denim is a bit rough. (On the plus side, this means they're going to last longer.)

I do recommend them as bulletproof work pants, but you'll need to break them in.
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tough stuff...
By: chowellski
These jeans are extremely tough! They have gone through a lot this year and other than some hydraulic stains they look like new.
One thing to note is they do take time to break them in. They are pretty rigid for the first dozen wears because of the double layer of fabric, but that double layer is what makes them withstand all the harsh work.
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Heavy duty pants for tough work...
By: ridgerambler
I have two pair of B07 carhartt jeans and I love them. Yes, they are stiff when new, but a couple of washings fixes that for me. I have a farm and they hold up well to all the abuse they are given. I especially like them for working with a brush cutter and chain saw clearing out around trees and fence line as they offer protection from briers and vines. I also like the suspender buttons as I most always wear button tab suspenders. I wish carhartt would put suspender buttons on other pants..sigh...
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Great Fitting!...
By: azcbpk9
These are great fitting jeans just like all the jeans that carhartt makes. They utilize brass buttons and are top quality and by no means should they be dismissed because they are very reasonably priced. The waist and length run to fit, but I do order one size bigger to accommodate long johns for those cold days...
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7 out of 7 people found this product review helpful.
Comes with a hammer hook!...
By: rstevens
How could these not be the best jeans out there? They come with a a built in attachment for a hammer or a tomahawk. Very comfortable as I expected and the color doesn't show dirt, stains or blood. The come in sizes I have never even considered so I am sure they make a pair for nearly everybody out there!
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Best Carhartt Work Jeans...
By: MGW65
These are the only jeans I wear. As a farmer/mechanic these jeans hold up and last forever. The fit is perfect for working lots of room and no binding. I wear suspenders so the factory installed buttons are perfect. The double front denim is tough and I haven't been able to wear them out. I usually just replace them when they get so stained that they just need replaced.
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Feels tough but.....
By: Richard S.
I thought that the double layer will make it hard for me to do my work as it tends to feel tough around the knees but I’m wrong. It actually made the pants stronger to withstand everyday kneeling. The pants sometimes feel tough but Carhartt will always have a soft spot in my closet.
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tough enough to wear baling hay...
By: texascarl
Tough jeans. They're made with heavy denim material, the double front adds a little weight but they wear a lot longer if you're working in a rough environment - think bucking hay bales or loading firewood. Any time you're bouncing heavy stuff off your knees, these are the pants to wear. When I got these I bought a pair of Carhartt suspenders to go along with them and I'm glad I did. The suspenders hold the pants up well, and you don't need a belt 'cinching' you tight in the middle when you're bending and lifting. I like these jeans so well I got a second pair. I've lost a little weight doing all that loading and lifting, but the suspenders take care of that, my nifty pants don't sag. I should also note that the ladies seem to like the pants/suspenders combo. Maybe they've read romance novels about lusty lumberjacks or something, who knows.
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waste of cool denim - Unwearable...
By: Andrew 2275710
sorry but these jeans need to come with a warning.
Instead of the sales pitch put:
They do not wear on your hips like normal jeans
They sit ABOVE the hips with suspenders.
The seat is much longer as a result
I can't wear jeans above the hips, it feels weird and its wrong..
In addition, they have a massive ass regardless of size. I got size 30, I fit size 30 and the ass is about size HHUUGE - 34 or 36?. There are not many guys around these days that fit size 30, and NONE with a fat ass. There is acres of unwanted material. I could fit a sheep, and a paddock down my pants if I could get it past the 30" beltline.
They are the ONLY Carhartt jeans with the unwashed heavyweight denim so I bought them for that. But customers should be told that the jeans have a MASSIVE cut/fit.
The cool denim is wasted in these
I like Carhartt. Got lots of pairs of their duck jeans. How can they only do 1 unwashed denim jean.
One day they'll go back to workwear basics and make the B13 with this unwashed heavyweight 15ounce denim that you can wear in yourself instead of the poxy darkstone prewashed papp. I don't understand why they dont. I thought it was a mistake when I looked and couldn't find them. Which marketing trendsetter made that decision.
The product rating didn't have a zero option so I had to select one star. But really its Zero No points for wrecking great denim.
WorkingPerson were real nice and I like my hoody
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Carhartt Jeans: Men's B07 DNM Denim Double Front Dungaree Jeans

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