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Reviews For Hathorn Explorer Boots H7806

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Average Customer Review
5 out of 5 people found this product review helpful.
Too early to tell, but........
By: eolson
I just got these boots so I can't give you a review based on a lot of mileage. However this is my second pair of the same boots. The first pair gave me good service so I am trying another as the old ones were nearing the end of their serviceable life after many years of working in the forest and the fireline. The boots are well made but I still think the toe leather is a little soft as it was in the last pair but I'll be dead before they wear out so it doesn't really matter.
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5 out of 10 people found this product review helpful.
give these a miss...
By: gavotter
There are plenty of other boots in this price that are just, well more comfortable. I have a pair of these and they look all pretty sitting covered in dust. Think they engineered the toe for Japanese people. Look more like some wanky dress shoe at the front. And its a shame as there more $$ boots are so much better.

I even gave these to a mate and they came back. When it comes to boots you get what you pay for but these are like the Kia of boots disguised as a Jeep.

Only reason I kept them was the first weekend I wore them they got so trashed from brush cutting. Leather scratched like a cheap watch.
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3 out of 4 people found this product review helpful.
Not bad for the money, well made overall but some of the leather was not durable...
By: eolson
I have been wearing a pair of these for quite a few years now for woods work and fireline use. When I first got them I soaked them in water, put them on and filled them with water and wore them till they were dry. Mine were comfortable comfortable ever since. But I wear two socks on each foot because I like a tight fit and the Directions for measuring my foot that Hathorn supplied me with resulted in a boot slightly larger than I preferred. I have been happy with the boots but the leather on the toe and the front part has started to show its age by developing fine cracks in the leather and I can tell that eventually this will be what kills these boots. I am hoping that the leather will be more durable on the Smoke Jumper Hathorn boots that I am going to buy next
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2 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Best for the money...
By: Seth Wertz
I have been wearing the same pair of Hathorn explorers for many years, all without cracking or ripped stitching. What so many people miss about these boots is the maintenance required to keep them in good condition. Obenauf's leather conditioner once a month will keep them nice. That and you can always take them to your nearest cobbler, or send them back to be repaired for a fee. They are definitely my favorite work boot, but also require going to a dealer to try them on. They should have the standard amount of room in front of your toe, feel almost too tight on the sides, and have a large amount of tongue showing before break-in. And yes, soak them, and than wear them until dry. Period!
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Break-In Period...
By: UT4ster
My work is pretty hard on boots. So I need a good pair that can withstand a beating but will last awhile. These seem like a a good compromise between the high end White's, Wesco's etc. and the low-end scrubs that don't last a season before the sole turns into a floppy flipper three miles from the truck. Some of the comments gave me pause but so far I'm fairly pleased. Although stiff, the break-in doesn't seem like it will be abnormal and the sizing is fine. I normally wear a size 10 but got a 9.5 and they are good. Haven't yet worn them to mark timber, logging, prescribed burning or fighting wildfire but so far I'm pleased. Will update as time goes by.
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Break-In Period...
By: Martin S.
Purchased these to replace my 25 year old Wesco's (nails poking thru the soles and leather finally falling apart) and the cheaper Georgia Boots I've been getting as a stop-gap. Some of the reviews gave me pause for concern but so far I am pleased with the boots.
As far as sizing, I tend to a size 10 in a boot but got the 9.5. So far fits well.
These Hathorns fill a good niche between the high-end White's and Wesco's and your cheaper boots that may or may not last you through one season... They are not inordinately stiff or uncomfortable but do require some break-in. Haven't had them on 50% mtn slopes marking timber or on a 20 hr day supervising a fire crew... yet... will update in a few months.

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Hathorn Explorer Boots: Men's FR 10 Inch Logger Work Boots H7806

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