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poor quality control...
By: Gary Black
I bought a pair of these boots and had to return them because the cardboard insole on the left boot was stitched unevenly near the arch area and it buckled. You could feel the lump underneath through the removable foot pad.
Working Person's was very nice about a free return and a replacement pair of boots.

Not Again! I said as I opened the replacement boots and inspected them to find that BOTH of the boots, left and right had damaged buckled cardboard insoles (or midsoles) where the stitching caused damage to the arch area.

The boots could not be worn and they were returned. I got a full $$ return, because I wasn't going to waste any more time with Made in China Wolverine boots that obviously have a problem on the assembly line.
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12 out of 13 people found this product review helpful.
Comparable boots to DuraShocks 1519...
By: Junior Dunkum
I have worn DuraShocks 1519 for years. These are a good fit. The sole of the boot is a little more bulky, but overall it is a good boot. The price was right & they fit well, no blistering after a long day on my feet.
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most comfortable boots ever...
By: markwalker
I purchased these boots mainly because of the great price. I have had foot problems for years because of an injury to my ankle. The Durashock soles and insoles give my foot the cushion and stability needed to make me able to work. I work on concrete and other hard surfaces for long hours. These boots take the fatigue out of my feet and legs. They hold up well under rough conditions. I also really like the flat sole with no heel. More comfortable than any other athletic shoes I ever owned.
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These boots are husbands favorite...
By: bevallin
My husband had an injury to his ankle as a child. It was shattered and never healed correctly. His career path has lead him to construction and he is still there. He works on his feet 12-18 hours a day, 6 days a week in both concrete and asphalt. The only way possible, for him to work these hours, on that bad ankle, is Wolverine Durashocks Wedge Workboots #2639. Over his 25 years+ on the job, we have tried many boots to accommodate his injury. The only boots he can work in are the Wolverine Durashocks Wedge Workboots. They support his injured ankle so well that he now also has a pair for the Harley and his other non-work hobbies. These boots are THE BEST!!! We will continue to buy and wear them as long as they are continued to be manufactured. Even over the past six months to a year, they are hard to get and our order is always back ordered no matter who we order from. He will wait however long they are on back order. Thanks WOLVERINE and WORKINGPERSONS.COM for giving my husband a boot he can work in comfortably.
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Comfortable and wear well....
By: Donald J. Clark
I have wore the Wolverine Dura Shocks work Books for several years. I can order them in extra wide so they fit me well and are very comfortable. I have a pair of new boots and I have been getting several comments of how good looking they are.
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They are doable!...
By: William Mayo
I received my boots and one is slightly bigger then the other. Also, shortly after having them while tying them one of the clasps broke off! Other then that, they seem to be just fine. I am an ironworker and am on my feet all day!
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By: Tom W
Do not have the arch support that I had with the previous Wolverine boots I wore for years but were discontinued. They are alot better with Dr. Scholl's gel inserts but that is a band aid and ups the cost, which cost I liked. Sorry, but, I can't recommend these boots.
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First disappointment in Woverine Wedge Durashock Boots...
By: Patricia Drumm
For the first time since 1990 we had to send back the Durashock Wedge Boots that I have purchased for my husband since 1990. We were first able to purchase them in Florida in the store and then moved back to Phoenix where we purchased them in the store for awhile but then we had to start ordering them since the stores didn't carry the 8" top durashock wedge. My husband is on his feet for 8 to 12 hours per day and has never had a problem with his feet since he started wearing durashocks by Wolverine. Comfortable from the day he puts them on. I have noticed that the durashock wedge heel that we have ordered for all these years is now sized differently and fits totally different than before. They don't carry size 9 either, they are 9 EW or W. The top of the foot is much taller and they didn't even look the same or fit/feel the same. We had to send them back for the first time. I don't know if they are now being made overseas or what but they were so different that my husband said he would have to find a new boot for the first time in 25 years. It is sad because this is such a great product, or was. Products do change but this is one product that should stay exactly the same. The WorkingPerson'sStore has always carried them and it has been so easy to order online everytime because we new the size was right and the boot was perfect. I won't recommend this product anymore because I don't trust it.
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If it isn’t broke why fix it ?...
By: Mike A
I’ve worn the 1519 since they came out many many years ago ,perfect fit ,perfect comfort, perfect wear and break-in then they decided to change where it was produced (I assume to save a few cents) and it isn’t anywhere near the same product, sent them back and I’m moving on!!
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These boots are very comfortable....
By: markwalker
I have always bought Wolverine boots for my work. I tried this pair and found that they are very comfortable. I am disappointed with the quality of the made. I don't think they are as well made as they used to be. So, I am a bit discouraged in buying another pair from Wolverine company. I might try them again if there is a good sale and give them another chance.
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Wolverine Boots: Men's 2639 DuraShocks Wedge Work Boots

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