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Reviews For Fox River Socks 2012 07015

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Average Customer Review
23 out of 24 people found this product review helpful.
I've worn bilbaos for about 7 years and...
By: Joe
I've worn bilbaos for about 7 years and they have never failed me. I wore then in the Army, two tours to Iraq, the cold of Alaska and the heat of Arizona. The oldest ones I have are just starting to tear along the sides where I pull them on, but these have kept my feet blister free on numerous heavy ruck marches and hikes, etc. for hundreds of miles. Just a good simple sock.
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16 out of 16 people found this product review helpful.
Great socks...
By: nachtlied
I own two pairs of these Fox River socks which have proved to be very durable and comfortable. I work in Southern Louisiana and in the high heat of summer merino wool socks are the best for keeping your feet dry and comfortable during a long work day. The best boot in the world is still only as good as the sock on your foot. Should they get wet they also will air dry rapidly when hung up. The sizing is accurate. The price of the sock is fair in my opinion. They are also made right here in the U.S.A. I would recommend them to anyone.
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12 out of 16 people found this product review helpful.
Love these socks!...
By: Mauramend
I bought my first pair of these Wigwam socks a few years ago. This was my very first pair of Wigwam socks. Since then I have bought countless pairs. I honestly think I have over 50 pairs of Wigwams! I had to clear out a bigger drawer just to fit them all. I know it seems like a lot but once you feel the quality of Wigwams you really get hooked on them! I have about 3 pairs of this style, definitely one of my favorites. If you don't get the point already what I am trying to say is if you're thinking about buying these socks do it! You won't regret it!
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6 out of 6 people found this product review helpful.
Good sock, but slightly oversized...
By: Simon
I discovered Fox River socks through Working Person's website. Had not heard of them before. I used to swear by Smart Wool, REI, and Wigwam socks. Still like the Wigwam's for athletic shoes, but Fox Rivers have replaced the REIs and Smart Wools. While REI makes excellent wool socks, these Fox Rivers are a better buy. I completely agree with the reviewer who said that a good boot is only as good as the sock you wear. The wrong socks can make even the best boots uncomfortable. Merino wool socks are about the best socks you can wear if you are on your feet all day. They don't itch; they are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, and they wick moisture. The only criticism I have of these Everyday merinos is that, for me, they were slighly oversized in that when I pulled them up all the way, the heels of the socks came up slightly past my heels, onto my Achilles tendon. Wear them a bit more loosely and this problem goes away, however. I just like to pull them up more so they feel more snug. In that regard, I find that the Fox River medium weight Hiking socks fit and feel a bit better. (#2099-02030). That's really nitpicking, however. These are really good socks, just that I like the 2099s a little better.
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3 out of 3 people found this product review helpful.
Good socks for the buck....
By: scr945
These socks have a nice fit and comfortable wear. Very elastic, soft and smooth fabric. The fabric could be a little more heavy and then it would be the ideal socks. That is, if you are looking for more protection and not less weight. Paying a little bit more for a product is worth it especially when you have an especific expectation.
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1 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Wam and dry...
By: Tubby
These Fox River wool socks are great for keeping my feet warm and dry. Being a cattle farmer I am outside in the rain and mud. I wear muck books to keep the moisture out. This can create a problem with moisture inside the shoe from my feet sweating. The Fox River socks have worked great by wicking the moisture away from my feet. Even though the socks may become damp with moisture they still insulate and keep my feet warm. Comfortable feet make for a better work day.
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1 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Warm and dry...
By: TJ
These socks have proved to be just what I needed to keep my feet warn and dry. I work on a cattle farm and have been pleased with the fox river socks. The socks help to wick the moisture away from my feet while keeping them dry. They work well with my Muck boots.
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1 out of 1 people found this product review helpful.
Great socks - no negatives with these...
By: jack
I'd say these are lighter weight than medium, but not by much.

I will say that compared to virtually all other supposed 'high-end' brands that I've tried these are superior to all of them.

70% merino means soft, warm, and comfortable. The other huge benefit is the sizing - so many socks offer 9-12 or 10-12 sizing and they are not suitable for size 12. These offer 12-14 and are a bit loose for size 12 but are not too loose to get a five-star rating from me. I love them - after my initial purchase of 3 pair, I bought two more pair.

As an aside, FOX RIVER also makes a heavier pair that are 75% merino. They are without a doubt the best winter socks I've ever owned - my initial purchase of three pair was followed quickly by an order for four more pair. And, like the others, they offer sizing in the 12-14 range which means good fit, warmth, soft, and comfort.

You can't go wrong with either pair - and Working Person's was easy and prompt in their handling of both of my orders.
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Fox River Socks: Merino Wool Hiking Socks 2012 07015

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