Rewards Program Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions about the rewards program. If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us.

Earning Rewards

  • How do I earn rewards points?

    There are many ways to earn rewards points including signing up for the rewards program and writing product reviews and making purchases. For a complete list of ways to earn rewards, see the available rewards page.

  • Do I need an account to earn rewards?

    Yes. You must have a account to sign up for the rewards program and earn rewards points for using our website.

  • I've ordered from your website before but I can't find my account information. Where is it?

    Please visit the account password recovery page to have your password reset. If you still cannot recover your password, you may have checked out as a guest. If you used the checkout as guest option, no account was created when your purchase was made.

  • Can I earn rewards points making purchases?

    Yes. Each order placed while logged into your rewards account qualifies for rewards points. Each product on your order has a points value associated with it. Once your order has been completed for 30 days rewards points are automatically added to your account.

  • I placed an order why are my rewards points pending?

    Rewards points for purchasing products are placed into "pending" status for up to 30 days after your order fully ships. Points must remain pending to prevent order fraud.

  • What happens if I cancel all or part of my order?

    When you place an order we calculate an estimated amount of rewards points based on the items ordered. When your points for an order purchase are converted from pending status to available status we re-calculate the amount of points to award based on the actual items that shipped in your order.

  • What happens if return my items after my points have been awarded?

    If you return any item(s) after points have been awarded we will attempt to deduct the points earned for those item from your current points balance. If your account has insufficient points available to deduct the points we will prorate your refund to account for the points that could not be deducted.

  • I was not logged into my rewards account when I placed my order, can I get credit for that purchase?

    Unfortunatly we are not able to credit rewards points for purchases unless the purchase was made using an account that is currently signed up for WorkingPerson rewards. We cannot transfer orders between accounts.

  • I placed an order on the phone, can I get credit for that purchase?

    If your order was attributed to an account that is signed up for WorkingPerson rewards you should automatically receive pending points for your purchase just as if you submitted the order online. This must be done at the time of order creation. Orders created on a new account are not eligible to be transferred to a different rewards account.

  • I've reviewed products before, can I earn credit for those reviews?

    We are sorry, rewards points can only be awarded to signed-in user if your account is signed up for the rewards program. Previously submitted reviews are not eligible for rewards points.

  • Why do I have "pending" rewards points?

    Rewards points earned by submitting product reviews and purchasing products are not fully awarded until the product review passes moderation or the order has been shipped for 30 days. It can take up to 48hrs for a product review to be approved. Once your review is approved the points will be transferred from your pending balance to available balance.

  • My review was rejected! Why?

    All product reviews are reviewed by a moderator. Product reviews are rejected for violating the review guidelines. Common mistakes include reviews that are too short, off-topic, or include information unrelated to the product. Our customers need reviews that give an honest opinion of the product that will help them decide if a product best meets their needs.

  • How do I link my social media accounts like Facebook

    You can link your social media accounts to your rewards account by visiting the rewards settings page. Simply click the button to link your account and follow the instructions. You will need to login to your social media account in order to complete the process.

  • How do I qualify for bonus rewards points for a first product review?

    In order to qualify for the bonus points for being the first to review a product you must be among the first to submit a product review that passes moderation for the product. Reviews are processed in the order they are received. To ensure well written reviews, it is possible that multiple reviews may be eligible for a first review reward. There is no need to rush a review. Spending the extra time to write a good review will not penalize a reviewer.

  • Hey I didn't get credit for something I should have. Why not?

    All rewards have built in frequency and fraud restrictions to prevent automated bots or scripts from submitting reviews. Some rewards, such as linking social media accounts or signing up for the rewards program, are only eligible for one-time rewards.

  • Where can I see what I earned points for?

    All rewards program activity is recorded and viewable in the rewards history section of your rewards dashboard.

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Redeeming Rewards

  • How do I redeem my rewards points?

    You can redeem your rewards points from your rewards dashboard. Simply press the "Redeem" button in the upper right corner. You must be logged in to redeem rewards points.

  • What can I redeem rewards points for?

    Currently rewards points may be redeemed for gift codes usable on our website: The gift codes do not have a cash value and can only be used to purchase merchandise.

  • How are the gift cards delivered to me?

    Gift card codes are delivered to the by email to the email address registered on your account.

  • Do rewards points have a cash value?

    No. Rewards points do not have a cash value. Rewards points can only be used to purchase gift codes which can be used to purchase merchandise on our website.

  • Hey! The higher value gift cards cost fewer points per dollar!

    It's true! Rewards program members can get more bang for their buck by saving up points and redeeming their points for higher value gift codes.

  • Help! I didn't receive my gift code!

    If you did not receive your gift code, you should check your rewards program history to make sure the redemption was successful. If it was, you can find your code listed there as well.

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General Rewards Questions

  • How do I level up my rewards account?

    Your rewards account will earn experience by performing all actions that generate rewards points such as: reviewing products, marking helpful reviews, linking your social media accounts and more!

  • What do I get for leveling up my rewards account?

    As you level up your account your reputation and trust increase. You are listed higher on the leaderboard and may be marked as a trusted "Power Reviewer". WorkingPerson also offers special perks and sometimes free merchandise to our top rewards members!

  • My points total/level don't match the leaderboard! Why not?

    To ensure the best website performance the leaderboard does not update in real time. Don't worry, everything is still recorded in real-time but calculated only at certain intervals.

  • How often does the leaderboard update?

    The leaderboard updates approximately every four hours.

  • Can I change my username?

    No. We currently do not allow your rewards username to be changed.

  • I changed my profile picture, why didn't it update?

    Profile picture updates must be approved. It can take up to 48 hours for your profile picture to update.

  • How do I unlink my social media accounts?

    Once your social media accounts are linked there is no need to unlink them and no option to do so is offered. However, you can update your social media information by visiting the rewards settings page in your dashboard.

  • How do I delete my rewards account?

    There is currently no option to delete your rewards account.

  • Can I have multiple rewards accounts?

    Having multiple rewards accounts is against the rewards program terms of service. Anyone caught using multiple rewards accounts may forfeit their rewards balance and be banned from the rewards program.

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Rewards Leaderboard

  • What is the rewards leaderboard?

    The rewards leaderboard is a ranking system where our most active and valuable members are recognized for their participation in the WorkingPerson Rewards program.

  • How do I get listed in the rewards leaderboard?

    Getting listed in the leaderboard is easy! Simply participate in the rewards program and you will start moving your way up the charts. Review products, rate reviews, refer friends, share products, and other rewards program actions will increase your score.

  • How often is the leaderboard updated?

    The leaderboard is currently updated about every four hours with the first update of the day at midnight. You will not see a change in your ranking until you have received credit for your action and the leaderboard gets updated.

  • Are old or inactive members included in the leaderboard?

    The leaderboard is constantly updated. In order to maintain a high score a rewards member must stay active. After a certain period of time a members score will begin to decay if they do not remain active. This allows newer members the opportunity to reach a top rank since they won't be competing against older, inactive members.

  • How is my leaderboard score calculated?

    We do not share the exact method of how the leaderboard scores are calculated. To increase your score and rank simply participate in the program. If you are earning rewards points your score will increase.

  • Do I get anything special for being ranked higher?

    You get bragging rights! Typically being a highly ranked rewards member means you are earning quite a few rewards points which you can redeem for gift cards. In addition, high ranked members may receive free merchandise for being very active members of our program.

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