Timberland PRO Workwear: TB0A1HBU 015 Black Fleece Balaclava

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Timberland PRO Workwear: TB0A1HBU 015 Fleece Black Balaclava

Timberland PRO Workwear: TB0A1HBU 015 Black Fleece Balaclava

We know exactly what you’re thinking, and to ease your’s pronounced “Bah-la-klah-vah." And if you don’t have an extensive knowledge of Russian history and fashion, you’ve probably only heard of it for workwear. But that little tidbit about the name does tell you something about this ~Timberland PRO TB0A1HBU 015 Black Fleece Balaclava. If it’s design was inspired by survival in Russian winters, you know a fleece balaclava is a cold-weather must-have. The warm fleece traps body heat efficiently, and the versatile design offers multiple ways to wear it, giving you everything you need to get through the cold seasons.

For a short amount of time each winter, the weather is fairly predictable: it’s freezing when you leave for work and freezing when you get home. But a majority of fall, winter, and early spring can often see major swings in temperature throughout the day. When you need serious head and neck coverage, this 7.2-ounce 85% recycled polyester, 15% elastane smooth-faced fleece has you covered, literally. The Timberland PRO black balaclava fits comfortably under other headwear for all-around coverage of your ears, nose, lips, cheeks, chin, and neck. Don’t always need face coverage? The flexible design allows it to also be worn just over your head and neck or simply around your neck. It’s like bringing a hat along without having to store it, it just sits around your neck until you need it. Trust us - if you ever work or play outdoors in the freezing weather, you NEED one (or two!) of these.

Whatever the weather, you’re prepared with this Timberland PRO TB0A1HBU 015 Black Fleece Balaclava from Working Person's Store. And, because it’s made from recycled materials, you’re doing the planet a favor, too.

Manufactured Sizes: One Size Only

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Outdoor Weather
Fleece, Polyester