Tingley Boots: Unisex 31151 Black Waterproof 15 Inch PVC Economy Knee Boots

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Tingley Boot: Unisex Black Economy PVC 31151 Plain Toe Knee Boots

Tingley Boots: Unisex 31151 Black Waterproof 15 Inch PVC Economy Knee Boots

When it spills into the ocean, oil is toxic to all sorts of marine life. We're not scientists or anything, but we figure that means oil really can't be good for your skin, either. ~Tingley Unisex 31151 Black Economy 15 Inch PVC Waterproof Boots protect you from all sorts of chemicals, and they'll even keep you dry at the same time.

The 15-inch uppers of these Tingley boots are completely waterproof and highly durable. They're fashioned of flexible PVC, polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a tough, plastic-like material that's strong and flexible. It resists tearing and it stands up to wear. PVC can be wiped down and cleaned easily, too. The tall design protects you all the way up to the knee, so you can keep going no matter what lies on the path ahead when you wear these waterproof boots.

Made with waterproof injection-molded construction, the tall uppers are also eco-friendly. These Economy boots are crafted from 30% recycled material. The upper material will stay supple even in cold weather, so you can keep working and walking normally. These PVC boots are so tough, they’re resistant to certain acids, fats, hydrocarbons, caustics, and other chemicals. In other words, these work boots are incredibly durable.

Inside, lightweight EVA foam creates the airy, contouring insoles. They mold to your feet to give you cushioning comfort everywhere you need it and every time you step while wearing these unisex boots. Soft EVA foam isn't heavy or bulky; it’s just soft and shock-absorbent.

The black outsoles are tough and abrasion-resistant. They're designed with a cleated, self-cleaning pattern that spits out debris instead of collecting it. This allows you to maintain good traction no matter where you walk, and keeps you from tracking the outside world all over your home and your vehicle. The cleats of these chemical-resistant boots help you maintain your grip everywhere you step.

You don’t want oil in your ocean, and you don’t want it on your feet, either. Tingley Unisex 31151 Economy 15 Inch PVC Waterproof Black Boots protect you from all sorts of dangers and keep you comfortable, too. When you’re safer and more comfortable, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to get the job done and just keep on working.

Manufactured Sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14

Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Construction
Direct Attach (Chemically Bonded)
Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Waterproof Construction
Chemical Resistant
Pull On
Abrasion Resistant
Removable Footbed
Padded Collar
Not Padded

Additional Product Features

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Removable Footbed