Tingley Overshoes: Men's 1300 Black Waterproof Rubber Work Overshoes

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Tingley Boots: Men's Black Hi Top 1300 Work Rubber Overshoe

Tingley Overshoes: Men's 1300 Black Waterproof Rubber Work Overshoes

Do you put on heavy protective gloves before you tend the garden, shuck oysters, or sift through sharp metal scraps? Sometimes you need more than average protection - for those situations when you're in more than average danger. When your work shoes are at risk, ~slip these Tingley Men's 1300 Black Waterproof Rubber Overshoes over them and stay protected.

These black overshoes are designed with seamless, injection-molded construction. This design is 100% waterproof to keep you dry and ready to work, even in the ugliest conditions. Moisture won't even slip into the cracks because these seamless Tingley overshoes don't have any. The black rubber uppers are durable and supple. Rubber resists wear and tear, and it also stretches to give you more flexibility as needed.

These men's overshoes stand tough against rips to stretch and flex as needed. They’ll keep feeling good and flexible in cold weather. The material will not stiffen up or crack, even in freezing temperatures if you wear these waterproof overshoes. Heavy duty heel kick-off cleats are integrated into the design, so you don't have to use your hands to take these high top Tingley overshoes off.

There's no hardware on the durable uppers to snag fabric or scratch up your hands, and there's no lining on the insides. That makes the design easy to clean and prevents contamination from chemical and other destructive agents.

Less material was used in the rubber uppers of these waterproof overshoes to keep the design lightweight and easy to wear. More material is in the toe, heel, and sole areas because these areas usually experience the most wear. Either way, the rubber resists alcohols, bases, acids, and most water-soluble chemicals. These chemical-resistant overshoes can do just about anything, but they aren't recommended for continuous contact with petroleum- and oil-based agents.

Deep cleats in the rugged outsoles spit out debris and dirt, instead of collecting it, to keep your tread true and your soles clean. The slip-resistant bottoms make walking on wet surfaces much safer, and the entire design itself is more durable as a result.

Sometimes, you’re going to need that extra layer of protection to protect your feet and your work footwear while you’re working. On those days, reach for these Tingley Men's 1300 Black Hi-Top Waterproof Rubber Slip-Resistant Overshoes.

Manufactured Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL, 2XL, 3XL

SM = Men's Shoe Sizes 6.5 - 8

MD = Men's Shoe Sizes 8 - 9.5

LG = Men's Shoe Sizes 9.5 - 11

XL = Men's Shoe Sizes 11 - 12.5

2XL = Men's Shoe Sizes 12.5 - 14

3XL = Men's Shoe Sizes 14 - 15.5

Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Construction
Direct Attach (Chemically Bonded)
Sole Material
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Slip Resistant
Waterproof Construction
Chemical Resistant
Shoe - Slip On
Padded Collar
Not Padded

Additional Product Features

  • Slip Resistant
  • Chemical Resistant