Wigwam Socks: White S1004 051 Tube 3-Pack Socks

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Wigwam Socks: Tube S1004 051 3-Pack White Socks

Wigwam Socks: White S1004 051 Tube 3-Pack Socks

If ankle socks aren’t your thing, maybe these ~Wigwam White S1004 051 Tube 3-Pack Socks here at Working Person's Store will be. They feature an over-the-calf height, white color, and super soft, high quality fabric composition.

When it comes to quality in the design, you can rely on these 3-pack tube socks. They're crafted from two different fabrics with the aim of providing the best wearing experience. It starts with the cotton, which makes up 85 % of the dual-fabric blend. The cotton delivers exactly what you'd expect: softness and breathability. The second material, stretch nylon, provides flexibility and durability. The nylon makes sure that as you move, the three-pack Wigwam socks resists stretching to maintain the design shape. Overall, they feature a medium weight due to the cotton and nylon blend. The medium weight is ideal because it won't feel too heavy on your feet as you move, but it's also a lightweight style that will last.

Aside from the fabric composition, these tall Wigwam unisex socks are built with an over-the-calf height and a full cushion bottom. Considering they are tube socks, you'd expect them to rise quite a bit above your ankle, and they do. The full cushion is a bonus to the already comfortable fabric blend. It provides relief from the ground's surface, so you will feel comforted and perhaps more energized long into each wear.

Choose these Wigwam White S1004 051 Tube 3-Pack Socks here at Working Person’s Store today for all of your tube sock needs and wants.

Manufactured Sizes: Only available in one size.

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Dec 4, 2020
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