Wolverine Laces: Brown 54" W69417 Nylon Heavy Duty Boot Laces

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Wolverine Laces: W69417 54" Nylon Heavy Duty Boot Laces

Wolverine Laces: Brown 54" W69417 Nylon Heavy Duty Boot Laces

Dog chew up your laces? Just replace 'em. These ~Wolverine Brown 54" Nylon Heavy Duty Boot Laces will fit nearly any pair of work boots with seven eyelets. If your men's or women's boots are still in good shape but could use some new laces, here's your chance to fix the small things.

Guide: Actual lace length needed may vary depending on shoe size, width, and style of eyelets. Shorter lengths listed are generally needed for women and children, and longer lengths for men.

These Wolverine brown laces don't have to be put in Wolverine work boots (but we do have those available on our site, too!). You can use these tough nylon laces in any work boots that have seven eyelets.

The 54-inch length, 4 1/2 feet, is long enough to be placed in work footwear with fewer or more eyelets as well. The dark brown design has light tan accents to add a two-tone effect. The neutral colors will match many pairs of work boots, so it's simple to upgrade your footwear.

The nylon laces are tough and abrasion-resistant, stretchy, and strong. Wolverine W69417 Brown 54 Inch Nylon Heavy-Duty Laces from Working Person's Store are just a small detail in your day, but they make a big difference in your work boots.

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