Wolverine Shoes: Men's Chisel 10231 Eco-Right Low-Cut Work Shoes

This Product Has Been Discontinued By The Manufacturer. We Recommend This Replacement:

Key Overalls: Men's Firm Hand Cotton Denim 273 41 Bib Overalls

Key Overalls: Men's Firm Hand Cotton Denim 273 41 Bib Overalls

Wolverine Shoes: Men's 10231 Brown Low-Cut work Shoes

Wolverine Shoes: Men's Chisel 10231 Eco-Right Low-Cut Work Shoes

For our green customers, (no, not our envious ones, our environmentally conscious ones) ~we have a pair of work shoes that’ll help you do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint. Wolverine Men’s 10231 Low-Cut Eco-Right Work Shoes feature Eco-Right recycled, single-density polyurethane footbeds. Made of recycled materials, these polyurethane footbeds help to dissipate the impact of your terrain, also making for an exceptionally comfortable pair of Wolverine shoes.

Handsome and rugged, these brown low-cut shoes have chameleon-like qualities. They’re sporty enough to wear watching a baseball game and dressy enough to wear out to dinner. Made with full-grain leather and nylon uppers, this tough outer shell is both durable and flexible. Nothing can ruin your mood faster than a pair of hot, sticky, sweaty feet. To help take care of this minor nuisance, the breathable, wave mesh lining releases heat to prevent sweaty buildup in your new Eco-Right work shoes.

Inside, the compression molded EVA midsole creates a shock-absorbing core. You’ll notice you can wear these Men’s 10231 shoes longer than your other non-cushioning walking shoes because of the comforting support the midsoles provide.

The traction-grabbing lugs on the bottom of the soles will give you excellent traction on any terrain. For lightweight and flexible footwear the outsole is attached to the upper using an adhesive cement construction. We know, the word cement usually means something that’s hard and heavy. Trust us, this construction is remarkably lightweight. There’s nothing heavy that’ll weigh you down while in these Wolverine shoes.

If you normally wear boots or Wellingtons for work during the week, you’ll welcome the low-cut style on these Wolverine Chisel shoes. The low-cut style is non-restricting, so your calves and ankles can breathe a little, especially on warmer days.

Do you notice that with slip-on shoes some days your work shoes fit too tight, while on others they’re too loose? This has to do with the type of socks you’re wearing. If you wear socks that are very thick, they’re too tight, whereas if you wear thinner socks, they’re too loose. The laces give you a more adjustable fit so you can lace them as tight or as loose as feels comfortable.

For our green customers we offer a pair of eco-friendly shoes that are easy on your feet and the environment--Wolverine Men’s 10231 Low-Cut Eco-Right Work Shoes.

Manufactured Sizes: M 7-12, 13, 14 | EW 7-12, 13

Detailed Product Specifications

Sole Construction
Cement (Flexible)
Sole Material
Toe Bumper
Toe Type
General Toe (Not Safety)
Tread Pattern
Hooks / Eyelets
Leather and Nylon
Not Waterproof
Padded Collar

Additional Product Features

  • Toe Bumper