Wolverine Laces: Men's W69415 Black 72 Inch Nylon Boot Laces

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Wolverine Boots W69415 Work Boot Laces

Wolverine Laces: Men's W69415 Black 72 Inch Nylon Boot Laces

~Wolverine W69415 Men’s Black 72-Inch Boot Laces from Working Person's Store are made from heavy-duty nylon - because you need toughness from your footwear. They’re for men’s work boots with 10 or more eyelets. Of course, they can be used for women’s or kids’ boots, but usually, you’ll need shorter laces because they’re smaller. The lace size also depends on the shoe size and width, as well as the eyelet style.

Here’s the deal with keeping extra Wolverine boot laces on hand. You know those mornings when you keep hitting the snooze on your alarm? Sometimes your mind is awake, but your body just won’t move. Finally, after staying in bed longer than you know you should, you drag yourself out of it. The blankets are calling to you to come back, but you know you can’t. That’s when you finally get dressed. You don’t care if you look good. You have work clothes on, and that’s enough for you. Then you start tying your men's leather work boots. That’s the prime time for a shoelace to break. That little pop it makes when it goes makes your heart sag.

That’s why you need an extra pair of Wolverine W69415 Men’s Black 72-Inch Boot Laces. Or you can try using duct tape to hold your boots on...but that would be tacky, wouldn’t it? Order your extra pair today! You'll thank us later.

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